Violent Communist Revolutionaries

There’s no getting around it: William Ayers was a violent communist revolutionary bent on overthrowing the government and “seizing power” in the United States. The proof is on this page:

William Ayers’ forgotten communist manifesto: Prairie Fire

Judging by his current treatment of the United States flag,

and what he posted to his blog the eve of the seventh anniversary of 9/11,

he hasn’t changed a bit.

Would you vote for William Ayers to be the next President of the United States?

If not, then why would you vote for his protégé?

What would an Ayers-backed Obama Presidency do?

Kill 25 million people and “re-eductate” the rest?

Has Bill Ayers changed since then?  No.  He tramples the American flag underfoot, promotes the “messy” “end of an empire”, and sports a red star on a black background on both his web site and his apparel:

Now, O’Reilly is wrong in thinking that Ayers is only a third-tier issue. This is ISSUE #1! Ayers is a violent Communist Revolutionary who doesn’t think he did enough in bombing the U.S. Capitol, Pentagon, and killing police officers. Issue #1 is confirming that Barack Obama has not shown that his beliefs are ANY DIFFERENT than Bill Ayers’ beliefs! In fact, Obama’s words and actions are in alignment with Ayers’ words and actions!

Whose campaign do you think is promoted by the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA? You know… that party that is actively promotingRevolution in the U.S.A.” with meetings in New York City and Los Angeles.
(URL Archived by WebCite® if they remove the original)

Obama’s “higher purpose” = code for wealth redistribution

Spreading the word and Exposing the guy in Obama’s neighborhood.

Fascist Dictator Checklist

Obama. Ayers! Obama. Ayers!

Who Wants to Incite Riots and Why?

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Two Things Obama Won’t Do

Interview with Bill Ayers, October 1, 2006

Ayers: Love Me, I’m A Liberal

A Different “9/11 Truth”

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Capitalism >> Communism

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13 Responses to Violent Communist Revolutionaries

  1. Scott says:

    Keep the faith! RP, Keep telling the truth. It’s working!

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  4. Scotch Indian says:

    The Fox interview with little Billy Ayers was hilarious. Widdle Biddle Billy Boy carrying groceries to the nice home his daddy bought him after keeping him from going to jail! As visitors have reported, Billy Willy has decorated his house with posters of Che … any thing to pull Daddy’s chain.

    The look on Billy Willy’s face as the reporter asked him questions … priceless! The pathetic picture of an elderly hippy with his cute little ear ring, back pack (back pack???) and his little commie star. Precious.

    As Billy Willy gets to the stairs, this communist (“small c”) warns the reporter that “this is my property”. Private property? Some commie! Why isn’t he sharing his lovely home with a nice Venezuelan family? It will never happen. I’m suprised he didn’t stomp his little foot and holler “I’m going to tell my Daddy on you”.

    And then, once he gets inside, the big tough terror boy calls the police! Sneaking up on innocent people and blowing them up, that’s about Billy Willy’s style. When he called the police, he probably said “Hi, this is Bill Ayers, Tom’s son ….”

    They should make a movie about this guy … the epitome of the spoiled baby boomer brat.

  5. Scotch Indian,

    Thank you for your comment. Very good points about private property and “spreading the wealth” with his friends from Venezuela.

    And for him to call the police was the height of irony.

    “Hi, this is Bill Ayers, the guy who led that group that murdered policemen when we bombed their police station…”

    Thanks again,
    Red Pill

  6. Dave B says:

    I remember what it was like being a cop during that time and worrying every time your wife or kid came to the station that something might happen. We were always watchful and kept one eye on the door or looking out the window. It was quite a culture shock to a young man just trying to make a living and trying to help other people to find out that there were groups out there that were targeting police simply for wearing a uniform. I’m still a cop and I can say with confidence that the responding officers treated him no differently than they would treat anyone else but they would smile to themselves thinking about his discomfort. He’s such a brave guy he had to call the Police on Fox News! I smiled when I read Scotch Indian’s comments. Its nice to know others see him for what he really is.

  7. Dave B,

    Thank you for your comment.

    And, more importantly, thank you for your service.

    Red Pill

  8. Vicki says:

    My husband works for Macy’s and his t-shirts look just like Ayers’.

    I’m sure the company would say it’s just a coincidence and means nothing. But how could any corporation pick that symbol for their logo? Are they that clueless?

  9. PJ Partiot says:

    I hope Bill Asshole Ayers and his scumbag wife reap what they have sown! Like all of the far left They are SOCIAL TERRORISTS and POLITICAL SCUMBAGS like obombass and hildabeast!

  10. PJ Partiot says:


  11. PJ Partiot says:

    Hey Scotch Indian,
    Great post! Bill Asswipe Ayers is a waste of skin and organs, a bomb comes to mind! Like to see at an interview after his scumbag wife and kids were blown to pieces.

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