The MSM is Lying to You

The MSM is lying to you.  Michelle Malkin “gets it”.

Sarah Palin is like a younger Ronald Reagan with two X chromosomes.

She is the biggest threat to the Democratic Socialist Communists since Ronald Reagan.


The Truth About Sarah Palin

Why Is Sarah Palin Such a Threat to Barack Obama?

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7 Responses to The MSM is Lying to You

  1. sweetakin says:

    My two children (18 and 24) who will be voting this election were beyond apathetic before Palin joined the ticket. They now sport bumper stickers and all. I tell you what, Palin is more popular with college-aged kids who didn’t drink a whole dose of Kool-aid early on than the MSM realizes or reports. The facebook community is full of excited young Republicans who are going with the McCain-Palin ticket. Palin is such a wonderful role model, especially for my daughter who is voting for the first time. Truly a blessing! A drag? Nonsense! (they wish)

  2. Isolden says:

    I could not believe this when I saw it come up today. Against my better judgment, I clicked the link and found some nonsense about the RNC spending money on clothes (with everything we have to worry about! Please) and some other silly MSM stuff. I usually use Yahoo instead of Google b/c I figured Google weights the news with a liberal bias. I guess they are both the same….

  3. AngryDumbo says:

    Cool blog. I will return. As for Gov. Palin, I couldn’t agree more. I was high school/college age during the Reagan years and I remember how he was portrayed. Palin totally reminds me of Reagan. Specifically, Palin has Reagan’s ability to speak directly to her audience and keep the MSM out of the loop. They don’t get her because she is not speaking to them. They don’t hate her so much as they fear her.

  4. sweetakin, Isolden, and AngryDumbo,

    Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate your feedback.

    The vast majority of the MSM is controlled by the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, and it’s good to have An Army of Davids spreading the truth.

  5. XTeacher says:

    They’re not denigrating her because she is a threat in 2008. The hard truth is that, despite some promising popular vote polls, Obama is too far ahead in the electoral polls for there to be any real hope of McCain winning (although I’ll vote for him). We’re to the point where we’re talking a miracle of Truman-Dewey proportions to avoid an Obama victory. I predict that he will win by a slim margin in the popular vote (2-3%), but he will win an electoral landslide and therefore claim a mandate from the people. I

    The media is already working Obama’s re-election, and that is why they are trashing Palin now — this is fabrication of the post-election conventional wisdom starting now. You will see national dems focusing a lot of attention on Juneau — Palin won’t be able to rip a tag off of a mattress without a lead story on the evening news. They want conservatives to perceive her as a liability, just as they wanted us to think McCain was the best choice for the GOP nomination. She could very well be the first woman President, and that idea scares the bejeezus out of the Left. In a few short weeks, after all, she has become an icon.

  6. XTeacher,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I think, with the amount of division Obama has caused within his own party, he will be lucky if he matches the 43% of the popular vote that Bill Clinton received in 1992, and there is no Ross Perot this time around.

    The real threat isn’t Obama himself, it is the MASSIVE fraud that is being committed in an attempt to steal the election for him.

    I pray daily for all corruption, regardless of party, to be exposed, prosecuted, convicted, and prevented.

    Red Pill

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