FRAUD: Expose, Prosecute, Convict, Prevent

If we value the franchise enough to keep fraudsters from diluting it, then we need to put an end to third-party registrations.  And if we detect fraud, we need to prosecute it zealously — which should mean that the Department of Justice should start a RICO effort against ACORN, which looks a lot less like community organizers than organized crime.

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2 Responses to FRAUD: Expose, Prosecute, Convict, Prevent

  1. Scott says:

    ACORN is an on-going criminal enterprise, BUT (here’s the BUTT monkey) they have their hands in the pockets of national politicians from both sides of the aisle. There were rumors that McCain appeared at one of their rallies during the immigration amnesty bill.
    If the anointed one is elected, ACORN will morph into a bigger menace than it is today. I’ve a notion that McCain will ask VP Palin to work with DOJ to put these criminals out of business.
    Keep the faith!

  2. Scott says:

    One last thing: we cannot underestimate the power of ACTIVE ACCOUNTABILITY. Witness the success of the national up-roar over immigration and the bailout. Yes, the leadership in DC got their bailout, but there are many representatives who were in safe districts who are running for cover. I dare say, the GOP leadership in the House will be in play after the election.

    We get the government we deserve when we don’t hold our representatives ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. This should be in the front of our minds as we vote in a couple of weeks.

    There is much to be done, but we must commit ourselves to reducing the power and influence of the federal government—the first step is ACCOUNTABILITY—and that accountability is manifest in phone calls, emails, employing the blog networks of friends, acquaintances, and like-minded citizens to expose corruption and offer real solutions and alternatives. This forum is a good start—get in the game, or lose the Republic.
    Keep the faith!

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