“Despicable Religious Prejudice”?

On October 13th, 2008 at 3:32 pm, Speakup said:

Speaking of bias, for all the flak its worth, social Conservatives need to understand, if not for despicable religious prejudice, Mitt Romney, would be the next President.

“despicable religious prejudice”? Hardly.

Your claim is as bad as charges of “racism” for not supporting Obama.

If Mitt Romney cared about social conservatives, why did he choose to give values voters the finger? Why did he choose not to attend the Values Voter Debate?

Seven Republican candidates cared enough about Values Voters to show up for that debate. The four candidates who no-showed all worked together to make McCain the nominee.

1) Thompson: McCain Stalking horse who quit 3 days after ensuring McCain, not Huckabee, won the South Carolina primary.

2) Giuliani: McCain Stalking horse who quit 1 day after ensuring McCain, not Romney, won the Florida primary.

3) Romney: Wanted to win, and committed on February 5th to fight “all the way to the convention”, but was convinced on February 6th in a closed-door meeting with “prominent Republicans” to quit and try to get Huckabee to quit, too. Romney tried twice to get Huckabee to quit: on February 7th with his implication that not quitting would “aid a surrender to terrorism”, and on February 14th when he sent John McCain a valentine “release” of his delegates. If Romney cared about Values Voters, he should have stayed in the race and done everything in his power to prevent McCain from reaching 1191. If no one reached 1191, it would have gone to a brokered convention, and produced a better outcome for Conservatives. Mitt let us down by quitting, and Mitt has only himself to blame for quitting. Not “despicable religious prejudice”.

4) John McCain: No friend of Values Voters. Enough said.

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