Puppets and their Masters

In my opinion, it appears that…

Barack Obama : George Soros :: Dmitry Medvedev : Vladimir Putin

(if you don’t know what that notation means, “A : B :: C : D” means
A is to B as C is to D“)

Puppets and their Masters.  A & C are the puppets.  B & D are their masters.

Obama : Soros

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One Response to Puppets and their Masters

  1. Thomas Shawn says:

    Also can be explained like this: A has the same relationship to B as C does to D. If you understand one pair, then you understand the other.

    Ah, yes the analogy A:B::C:D. They pounded those into us for four years in high school English and now I know why: to make us less dumb. Try to use an analogy that describes a relationship with most people and they do not get it. Most are too dull, literal minded. This kind of thinking is soon to be a lost art, like the Socratic method, that is,

    analogies:tomorrow::Socratic method:today

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