Obama and ‘Friends’

From the comments at the AOL Straw Poll Oct 3-10:

swamp 12:47PM Oct 3rd 2008

Obama and ‘friends’

Rev Wright
Tony Rezko
Michelle Obama
Louis Farrakhan
William Ayres
Bernadine Dorhn
Rashid Khalidi
Nadhmi Auchi
Frank Marshall Davis
Saul Alinsky
Father Pfleger
Kwame Kilpatrick
Rev Meeks
George Soros
Raila Odingo
Abongo Obama
Black Panthers
Jim Johnson
Franklin Raines
Ahmad Yousuf (Hamas)
Fidel, Raul Castro
Hugo Chavez
Daniel Ortega
Kim Jong Il

Change we can ‘bereave’ in

Vote FOR America … McCain/Palin ’08

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