Two Christianities?

John Edwards loves to talk of “Two Americas”.

Did you know that Barack Hussein Obama believes there are two different forms of Christianity?

Obama said (with a very angry look in his eyes):

Whose Christianity would we teach in the schools?
Whould it be James Dobson’s or Al Sharpton’s?

Watch the video:
It’s The Theology, Stupid

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3 Responses to Two Christianities?

  1. Thomas Shawn says:

    As a Roman Catholic, I’ve long been used to this. There’s traditional teaching, always taught by the Church, for 2000 years, and then there’s neo-heresy. Sen.s Dodd, Biden, Kerry etc provide a glorious example of this self styled cafeteria Christianity. It is rediculous even more so in a regulated Church with clear teaching.

    This is why the Church periodically needs to engage in Inquisitions, not against non-Catholics, but against her own members who seek to twist and pervert the message of the Church. If someone does not profess to be in our 2000 year old Church then they can go in piece but if they attempt a coup, or adopt anti-Christ positions, oh, then its Inquisition time.

    I say it is high-time to dust off the thumb-screws. In this modern era, a tersely worded letter of excommunication (a modern day thumb screw) should do the trick in most cases.

  2. Thomas Shawn says:

    That’s go in “peace” of course.

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