ACORN and the Communist Party USA

Kill the bailout: More ACORN funding?!

ACORN and the Communist Party USA are like “Family“…

A search for “ACORN” on the CPUSA site currently returns the following results (although Google will probably send this down the memory hole soon…)

  • Nov 23, 2005 ACORN has a “No Bulldozing” campaign in the 9th ward – the hardest hit by the floods, poorest and predominantly African American area – also – 47k – CachedSimilar pages
  • Jul 26, 2007 As well, the NAACP, the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO), MoveOn, ACORN and Take Back America have heard from the – 50k – CachedSimilar pages
  • The grand coalition of the AFL-CIO and Change to Win along with National Council of La Raza, Women’s Vote, ACORN, MoveOn and Rock the Vote has launched the – 65k – CachedSimilar pages
  • Endorsers of the petition include the ACLU, ADC, Massachusetts AFL-CIO, Jewish Alliance for Law & Social Action, ACORN, Jobs with Justice, Service Employees – 41k – CachedSimilar pages
  • And the chair of ACORN and Working Families Party who called upon us as family to make our contribution known. Did we respond? YES, we responded! – 55k – CachedSimilar pages
  • ACORN and others are focusing on progressive ballot initiatives as a mechanism for getting out the vote. In Florida, they are sponsoring a Living Wage – 66k – CachedSimilar pages
  • Florida YCLers worked in Orlando and Jacksonville with ACORN. They worked with the local Democrats and ACORN. New Jersey YCLers worked mainly with the – 84k – CachedSimilar pages
  • File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
    tions for Reform Now (ACORN) ( Jobs with Justice (JwJ) ( is another ex-. ample of union-community activism. pages
  • the Students Against Sweatshops (http:// and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) (http://www.acorn. org). – 204k – CachedSimilar pages
  • Got that?  The Chair of ACORN called upon CPUSAas family“:

    Remember the president of NY NOW telling us she wanted to see lots of red flags at the March for Women’s Lives. And the chair of ACORN and Working Families Party who called upon us as family to make our contribution known. Did we respond? YES, we responded!

    [NOTE: The CPUSA scrubbed that link, but not before I archived it here.]

    UPDATE: ACORN Non-Partisan? Watch Their Own Video To See.

    UPDATE: I’ve said this in other threads, but want to also add it here… There is no significant difference between the agenda of the Communist Party USA and the agenda of the Democrat[ic Socialist] Party.

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    19 Responses to ACORN and the Communist Party USA

    1. Alan says:

      Use WebCite,, to archive the articles if you think they might send them down the memory hole. Its pretty hard to deny something WebCite archived.

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    6. Margaret Aubry says:

      This whole debaucle smells like dead fish. It surely was contrived – a conspiracy against the survival of the free enterprise system of the U.S. They expect our economy to fall like a house of cards. If we go, so goes the world. The Acorn Group and the Communist Party are one and the same. Besides wanting to ruin the U. S. monetary system, another one of their goals is for us to break down the confidence we have in our own government. Another goal is to discourge the passing down of property (through death and wills) to legal heirs. They frown on windfall gifts for the common man. Acorn certainly never cared that each American family owned a home. It sounds very noble, and it is a wonderful idea. But as it turned out, we can see that it was just a ploy, for greed and plenty of it. The Communist Party would love to see the fomentation of a civil war in the U. S., whereby it would be necessary to call on the (communistic) U.N. and the U. N. military to maintain peace on our homefront. They can hire rabble rousers to go into communities and stir up all kinds of trouble – and then eventually we lose our freedom. How is it that the bad people are always the bullies. Why can’t we reverse it, and the good people be the bullies and put the wrong slanted thinking people in their place? Another thing, comes election day – republicans have got to swarm the voting polls – because if the democrats use voter’s fraud in order to try to win at the polls, –to outsmart them, we will need every legal vote possible from the Republican constituency. Please, please – every registered Republican voter – save our country – save our republic – save our very souls – we want to move forward, not backward. Show up at the polls. Thank you.

    7. Margaret,

      Thank you for your comment. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth for all corruption to be exposed, prosecuted, convicted, and prevented.

      God Bless America, Land That I Love!
      Stand Beside Her, And Guide Her,
      Through The Night With The Light From Above.

    8. Morris says:

      What are you talking about… there are no communists left. Just ask liberals. (rolling eyes)

      We have to keep the spotlight of truth on these people. BHO is squirming like the worm he is now.

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    10. Bob Campbell says:

      @the Pill — thanks for making me aware of these facts. I am a strong supporter of the Constitution, the United States and our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is people like Obama and organizations like ACORN that stink to high heaven. Maybe they can get away with this crap in present day society, but there is a special place in hell reserved for these criminals once the Lord makes final judgement. We can do our best to fight their stink right now, but we will surely celebrate once the Lord returns with his sword of justice.

      God Bless,
      Bob (aka: reagan)

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    12. john buck says:

      As a former Union organizer for 3 states who saw this communist takeover coming in 1994 by AFL-CIOpres Sweeney,I continue to fight,however the election systemis rigged to keep the commies in

    13. John Buck,

      This is a long overdue “thank you” for your comment and first-hand experience.

    14. was scrubbed from the CPUSA web site.

      Thankfully, I had already archived it to, and I have updated the links in the post above to now go to the archived link.

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