AOL Straw Poll, September 18-25, 2008.

That would suggest that in a fraud-free election, the Electoral College results would be McCain-Palin 535, Obama-Biden 3.  Heck, let’s give them Washington, D.C. … McCain-Palin 532, Obama-Biden 6.  Clearly a landslide in the making.

But of course, Obama-funded ACORN is committing massive amounts of fraud. Those reponsible must be convicted, and the fraud must come to an end.

And of course, Obama is trying to blame the current financial market woes on Bush & McCain, when the truth is that Democrats are to blame.  Again, those reponsible must be convicted, and the fraud must come to an end.

The only way that Obama-Biden can win this election is with massive amounts of fraud.  We cannot allow the integrity of our elections to be violated.

In the name of the LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I pray for all fraud and corruption to be exposed, prosecuted, convicted, and prevented in the general election.

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2 Responses to Landslide?

  1. Thomas Shawn says:

    I have called a 1980 style landslide for McCain on this very blog … and I’m standing by that.

    I’m sick of the lying just sick of it. I had a coworker insinuate that McCain has a facial tick the suggested pre-parkinsons .. I watched the 60 minutes interview instensely, with no sound, and he has no such thing. Even before I watched it myself I denied this to the coworked and she quickly dissembled and reinterated “well, he is old.”

    Liars, liars, these Obama supported are mind programmed maniacs. I believe millions of Americans are having experiences like mine and it is the very Obama supporters who are turning people off to Obama.

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