Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I’d comment on that post at Hot Air, but Allahpundit wont’ let me … 

He didn’t like what I said about the “Separation of Church and State” (which isn’t even in the Constitution), so he banned me…

The man doesn’t understand the “establishment” clause nor why that clause is in the same amendment that protects our God-given right to Free Speech…

Anyway, the “When Harry Met Nancy” show isn’t over…it’s just on hold.  We haven’t won the war yet, just a battle along the way.  But, this is still an important battle to have won, and we have something to celebrate on October 1st.

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One Response to Losers

  1. Thomas Shawn says:

    at this point they are just debating how close to shore to drill. Actually the city government of San Bernadino voted to resume drilling because they calculated that they get more pollution from oil weeping up from the ocean floor than they would get from normal drilling operations.

    They already have the oil processing and refining capacity in California .. they are ready to go.

    All the liberals have to do is turn their minds to the millions in tax revenue to be generated by drilling, they will come around.

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