Notice Any Bias in the Questions Democrats Ask?

The following is a list of AOL Hot Seat Poll questions. They come from a mix of both liberal and conservative bloggers. Notice any bias in the questions Democrats ask?

09/20/2008 Ed Morrissey
“Is Obama exploiting racial tensions for political benefit?”

09/19/2008 Slate’s John Dickerson
“Which candidate is the candidate of change?”

09/17/2008 Andrew Sullivan
“Is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin a pathological liar?”

09/16/2008 Power Line
” Should the government have bailed out AIG?”

09/15/2008 Crooks and Liars
“Does the economic turmoil point to the collapse of conservatism?”

09/14/2008 Media Lizzy
“Who do you trust more on economic issues?”

09/13/2008 Politico’s John Harris
“Do you think Bill Clinton can help Barack Obama win?”

09/12/2008 Time’s Mark Halperin
“Who has been running a better campaign since the conventions?”

09/11/2008 Ed Morrissey
“Will personal attacks on John McCain and Sarah Palin help Barack Obama?”

09/11/2008 Ed Morrissey
“Will more personal attacks on John McCain and Sarah Palin help Barack Obama?”

09/10/2008 Slate’s John Dickerson
“Do Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin have real records of change?”

09/09/2008 Huffington Post
“Does Palin serve as a helpful distraction for the McCain campaign?”

09/08/2008 Wonkette’s Ken Layne
“Is Sarah Palin really a reformer?”

09/07/2008 BlogHer’s Maria Niles
“Will racism play a big role in this election?”

09/04/2008 Crooks and Liars
“Has the media been biased against Sarah Palin?”

09/02/2008 Politico’s Jim VandeHei
“Which candidate benefits more from fighting the culture wars?”

09/01/2008 Time’s Mark Halperin
“Do you know enough about Sarah Palin to cast an informed vote?”

08/31/2008 Ed Morrissey
“Did Joe Biden hurt the Obama campaign on foreign policy with his comments on a nuclear Iran?”

08/30/2008 John Dickerson
“Does Palin undermine McCain’s argument that Obama lacks sufficient experience?”

08/29/2008 Linda Bergthold
“Will Sarah Palin attract disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters to the GOP ticket?”

08/28/2008 Political Machine’s Dave
“Did Obama do what he needed to do at the convention?”

08/27/2008 Blog Her
“How likely is it that the candidates’ proposals for health care reform will fix this mess?”

08/26/2008 Power Line
“Was Hillary Clinton’s speech too tepid?”

08/25/2008 Power Line
“Did Michelle Obama’s speech advance the candidacy of her husband?”

08/24/2008 John Amato
“Does John McCain play the POW card too much?”

How do you answer a question like “Will racism play a big role in this election?” Yes, but not in the way she will spin it. It is Obama and his followers who are being racist (“Black Liberation Theology” is, by definition, racist), NOT McCain and his followers. But if I answer “Yes” to that poll question, she’ll say “LOOK! Racism is rampant in this country!” Well, she got the results she wanted: all 50 states plus DC said “Yes”. But which side is being racist? The poll answers should have provided more choices for a more accurate and more meaningful result.

And how about Huffington Post’s “Does Palin serve as a helpful distraction for the McCain campaign?” How do you answer that question if you think Palin is “helpful” but not a “distraction”? If you answer HuffPo’s biased question “Yes” because you think Palin is “helpful”, she will spin that as a “Yes” for “distraction”.

I love how the other biased questions all end up revealing the author’s bias, and the results come out showing overwhelming support for McCain-Palin over Obama-Biden.

That, plus the overwhelming number of lifetime Democrats who have come forward and publicly admitted that they will be voting Republican for the first time in their life, convince me that in a fraud-free election, McCain-Palin will win in an electoral college landslide.

It is only with massive fraud that Obama has any chance of winning. And that is exactly his game plan. Are we going to allow our Presidential election to be stolen? NO WAY!

I pray in Jesus’ name for all corruption and all fraud to be exposed, prosecuted, and prevented.

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