McCain-Palin 366, Obama-Biden 172?

There are number of recent AOL Hot Seat Polls that reflect the true thoughts of thousands of people across the USA. Several of the polls come out with nearly all of the states favoring the McCain-Palin ticket.

One poll in particular, though, looks familiar to recent Presidential elections.

This poll asks the question:
Does Palin undermine McCain’s argument that Obama lacks sufficient experience?

The National Results currently look like this:

Plugging those results into the Wall Street Journal Electoral College Calculator, you get these results:

That would suggest that in a fraud-free election, the results would be McCain-Palin 366, Obama-Biden 172.

But of course, Obama-funded ACORN is committing massive amounts of fraud. Those reponsible must be convicted, and the fraud must come to an end.

The only way that Obama-Biden can win this election is with massive amounts of fraud.  We cannot allow the integrity of our elections to be violated.

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2 Responses to McCain-Palin 366, Obama-Biden 172?

  1. Thomas Shawn says:

    I dunno, MA, NJ and RI to McCain ?

  2. Look at the answers to the Hot Poll questions. There is overwhelming country-wide support for McCain-Palin. I have seen countless examples of lifelong Democrats like this who have publicly confessed that they will be voting Republican for the very first time.

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