Issue #1 In This Election

From what I have seen discussed on blogs, emails, and personal conversations, it seems that issue #1 in this election is the Supreme Court. The next President of the United States will likely nominate 2 to 3 Justices. Both those on the right and those on the left know that the balance of the Supreme Court depends on the outcome of this election.

But the MSM has been telling you for months, whether it’s in Time magazine or on CNN, that “Issue #1” is “The Economy”.

There is a reason for that. There are forces at work trying to make the economy as bad as possible, in an attempt to influence this election. Democrats in congress are doing everything they can to prevent an increase in US domestic oil production, to keep gas prices as high as possible. The Secretary of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve are exacerbating the problems on Wall Street. They aren’t making things better; they are making things worse.

There are rough financial times ahead no matter who is the next President. But this country needs a President who will appoint Justices and Judges who will honor the Constitution exactly as it is written, not morph its meaning using “emanations” from “penumbras” and European judicial decisions.

Senator Obama and his hand-picked VP choice, Senator Biden, both voted against the confirmation of both Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito. Senator McCain, on the other hand, has promised to nominate more Justices like Roberts and Alito. The distinction between Obama and McCain could not be clearer on Issue #1 of this election.

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