America Loves Sarah Because Sarah Is America

First, links to two previous posts:

The Party of Regular People

Why Americans Love Sarah Palin

Now, I love these comments over at

Sarah Palin is my mother.

Mine too, and Bristol Palin is my sister and her baby is my nephew.

And none of us eat arugula.

My mother raised 5 kids, got a master’s degree, and made more money than my dad.

Sarah Palin is my mother, too.

My sister got pregnant out of wedlock.

Bristol Palin is my sister, too.

MSM and Democratic Socialist Communists:

When you attacked Sarah and Bristol, you attacked my mother and my sister.

You are elitist, racist, sexist Socialist/Communist jerks, and you deserve to go down in flames.

Landslide victory in November!

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3 Responses to America Loves Sarah Because Sarah Is America

  1. Thomas Shawn says:

    Go Figure, even Barry Soteiro was born out of wedlock.

  2. Thomas,

    Close, but not exactly.

    In the interest of fairness to Barack, it appears he was conceived out of wedlock when his mother was 17, but not born out of wedlock.

    We have not been shown an official birth certificate for Barack or an official marriage license for his parents, but from what we have been told, it appears that…

    Barack was born August 4, 1961. Given a normal gestation period of 40 weeks, that would mean he was conceived around October 28, 1960. Barack’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was 17 years old at that time (she did not turn 18 until November 29, 1960).

    So Barack’s mother was a lot like Bristol Palin.

    Every time the lefty MSM bashes Bristol Palin, they are bashing Barack Obama’s mother. Idiots.

    Stanley Ann Dunham made the same choice that Bristol Palin is making (and that my sister made). We are told that Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama married on February 2, 1961. Barack Hussein Obama II was born 6 months later.

    He took the name Barry Soetoro when his mother married her second husband, Lolo Soetoro, in 1967. He was registered as, and known as, Barry Soetoro when he attended school in the world’s most populous Muslim nation (Indonesia).

    You want a difference between Sarah Palin’s daughter and Barack Obama’s mother?

    The male who impregnated Bristol Palin at 17 is an unmarried young man her age, while the male who impregnated Stanley Ann Dunham at 17 was a 24 year-old polygamist who abandoned his pregnant wife Kezia and their infant son. That was the “man” that Barack Hussein Obama II idolized when he wrote “Dreams from My Father”. In that book, Barack Hussein Obama II hid his father’s socialist and anti-western convictions from his readers.

    Like father, like son.

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