On Vetting Sarah Palin

Let me make it clear: there are many things I don’t like about Sarah Palin. We are ideologically opposed on numerous issues.  Her stance on creationism and her pro-life zealousness are just two examples.  Two big ones. There’s the fact that McCain chose Palin for VP after meeting her only once; I’d like to think that more thought goes into the process than the need to find a conservative woman for your ticket.  I’m naive like that.    But the last two days of mudslinging against Palin have been so extreme, they have transformed her into an almost sympathetic figure in my eyes.  More important, the barbs thrown at her have made me look upon liberals with a level of contempt I have not felt since, well, 2004.

– Michele Catalano

1) Thank you Michele Catalano. Thank you for your principled stand in opposition to the Smear Machine.

2) It doesn’t matter that McCain only met her once face-to-face.  Palin was the top choice of conservative bloggers at HotAir three months before McCain picked her. On May 29th they voted:

Sarah Palin was vetted by a team of 25 people that McCain trusts. A lot of thought went into the decision, and McCain made a great decision.

Obama and his team of 300 advisers were blindsided. 

Now, despite the public confessions of Barack, his team and followers are going ballistic on Sarah Palin and her family. 

Michelle Malkin has a great new post: Selective sympathy for moms in public office.

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4 Responses to On Vetting Sarah Palin

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  3. Jennifer says:

    Seriously? After 19 months of vile, slanderous attacks on the candidates of the left, the Right is suddenly self-righteously indignant that their number 2 is being vetted in the media and the blogosphere? Seriously?

    The hypocrisy is chilling.

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