No Free Speech For Opponents Of Abortion

No free speech for opponents of abortion

Those who can’t handle the truth
try to silence those who speak it.

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7 Responses to No Free Speech For Opponents Of Abortion

  1. Not left, not right - centered says:

    I ponder what pill(s) you will have to take during Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration Speech on 1/21/09

  2. Thomas Paine says:

    my guess xanex or valium… lucky for him they might be covered under the the national healthcare plan

  3. “Not left, not right – centered”,

    The far left (Socialists/Marxists) and racists (who vote for a candidate’s skin color, not character) will vote for Obama-Biden in November, but not many others will.

    Obama and his sphere of influence raise some very serious questions.

    Scroll down through these pictures. My favorite is “Another Democrat for McCain”.

    November will be a landslide victory for the center-right.

    Red Pill

  4. Thomas Shawn says:

    I’ve blogged the same thing … landslide 1980 style.

  5. B94 says:

    Hah you obama supproters are suck

  6. Thomas Paine says:

    I are not suck!

    and landslide 1980 style in favor of Obama unless Bush starts a war or a terorrist attack occurs. Then who the hell knows.
    Have you seen the recent polling? Think Gallup had obama up by 6, all done after Palin’s VP announcement.

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