MSM Bias Against Values Voters

The MSM loves to pretend that Values Voters, America’s largest voting block, are declining in influence and importance. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Values Voters are the reason why President George W. Bush was re-elected with a greater percentage of the popular vote than any Democrat[ic Socialist] has received since LBJ!  In fact, only two Democrat[ic Socialist]s in the last 100 years (FDR and LBJ) received a greater percentage of the popular vote than George W. Bush in 2004.

Got that? 

Values Voters showed their importance in 2004 by helping President George W. Bush (Republican) receive a greater percentage of the popular vote than all of these candidates over the prior 100 years:

Alton B. Parker (Democrat)
Eugene V. Debs (Socialist)
William Jennings Bryan (Democrat)
Allan L. Benson (Socialist)
James M. Cox (Democrat)
John W. Davis (Democrat)
Robert M. La Follette, Sr. (Progressive)
Al Smith (Democrat)
Norman Thomas (Socialist)
Harry S Truman (Democrat)
Henry A. Wallace (Progressive/Labor)
Adlai Stevenson (Democrat)
John F. Kennedy (Democrat)
Hubert Humphrey (Democrat)
George McGovern (Democrat)
Jimmy Carter (Democrat)
Walter Mondale (Democrat)
Michael Dukakis (Democrat)
Bill Clinton (Democrat)
Al Gore (Democrat)
John Kerry (Democrat)

What happened in 2006? Many Values Voters showed their influence, importance, and disgust with corruption in the Republican status-quo by either sitting out the election or electing a “Blue Dog” Democrat who pretended they shared Values Voters’ values.

But the MSM likes to pretend that Values Voters are declining in influence and importance.

Democratic electoral gains, the loss of vocal champions such as former House majority leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) and the failure of any GOP presidential candidates to emerge as a successor to President Bush in championing their causes were all signs that evangelicals’ influence was ebbing. The emergence of McCain, who famously denounced leaders of the Christian right in his first presidential race in 2000, seemed to signal further decline.

It appears Values Voters did loose the battle with John McCain over the nomination (McCain’s tactics against the Values Voters’ preferred candidate were, in my opinion, unethical), but Values Voters won the battle with John McCain over the VP selection. If John McCain had followed through with a VP selection that once again gave the finger to Values Voters, there would have been a mutiny at the Republican National Convention. McCain knew that it only took 5 states to put Huckabee’s name in nomination. Rather than lose a floor fight for the nomination, McCain conceded the VP selection in order to keep the P nomination. Don’t tell me that Values Voters are declining. To the contrary, we are gaining strength, standing up, and fighting back.

The selection of Palin has absolutely electrified the base. Online donations since the announcement are well over $4 million.

McCain better keep his word. He said that he believes life begins at conception. He said that he would nominate Justices like Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito. He better not try to nominate another Souter, or he will have a revolt on his hands.

McCain better put down McCain-Kennedy and keep his word that he “gets it” about securing the border first.

McCain better put down McCain-Lieberman and step away from Socialist AGW taxes.

Values Voters are a force to be reconned with.

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