Why Did Democrats Oppose the Surge?

Because they are not the Democrat Party…

they are the Democratic Socialist Communist Party, USA.

End the occupation!
Bring the troops home now!
Long live the Iraqi Communist Party and the democratic forces of Iraq!

Adopted by the 28th National Convention of the Communist Party, USA, Chicago, IL; July 1-3, 2005.

 Just in case they take away that page, here was the full text:

Resolution of Solidarity with the Iraqi Communist Party
Author: 28th National Convention
First published: 07/19/2005 10:12 by the Communist Party, USA

Whereas, the Iraqi Communist Party, with its heroic history of struggle against imperialism and brutal dictatorship, has been working under the most difficult conditions—including assassinations, bombings, and ideological attacks from forces determined to turn Iraq from the road of democratic development; and,

Whereas, despite these obstacles, the Iraqi Communist Party has been fighting for unity, national, political, and economic sovereignty, peace, trade union rights, political rights, and women’s rights, in a secular, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, democratic society, rebuilding from the devastation imposed by U.S. invasion and occupation;

Therefore be it resolved, that the Communist Party, USA extends the hand of international solidarity to the Iraqi Communist Party, and accepts the internationalist responsibility to mobilize the U.S. working class and all peace-loving Americans to demand that all U.S. troops be brought home now from Iraq; and,

Be it further resolved, that we look forward to the day when our two parties, working classes, and peoples can meet again under conditions of peace and an independent and democratic Iraq.

End the occupation!
Bring the troops home now!
Long live the Iraqi Communist Party and the democratic forces of Iraq!

Adopted by the 28th National Convention of the Communist Party, USA, Chicago, IL; July 1-3, 2005.

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4 Responses to Why Did Democrats Oppose the Surge?

  1. Thomas Shawn says:

    Certainly those reasons are different than the reasons why many active duty soldiers, veterans and conservatives want us out of Iraq.

    Thomas Shawn
    USA, 1st Cavalry Div, 1st Battalion 8th Cavalry 1991-1994

  2. Thomas Shawn,

    Thank you very much for your service to our country. I appreciate your comment, and I actually believe that the time is nearing for us to properly leave Iraq.

    Please take note that the resolution above is from three years ago, when the situation in Iraq was quite different, and leaving would have been leaving in defeat, not victory.

    Based on your comment, I have decided to rename this post from:
    Why Do The Democrats Want Us Out Of Iraq?
    Why Did Democrats Oppose the Surge?

    My point in this post is that the reason why so many Democrats were so vocal against the war and the surge is that these Democrats are really Democratic Socialists…a.k.a Communists.

    This is no joke. Superb footage (that the “Mainstream” Media won’t show you) from the DNC shows that Communists in the USA are real:
    DNC Marxists Unite
    DNC Our Man in Orange
    DNC Encounters with the Left

    Thank you for fighting our foreign enemies. I hope you will join me in fighting our domestic enemies.

    Red Pill

  3. Thomas Shawn says:

    Also, ironically, the Communist Party in Iraq has more freedom to operate today than ever before. What, do they want Saddam back? The Iraqi Communist Party may differ with their birkenstock wearing Western brethren on that point.

  4. Almost two years ago I wrote in a comment on another post:

    Don’t forget that we went to Afghanistan long before we went to Iraq, and for different reasons. Afghanistan was about pursuing Bin Laden, who fled to Pakistan. Iraq was about Saddam’s ties to other terrorists and preventing him from making more of the Weapons of Mass Destruction that he already had a proven history of making and using to kill people.

    Now, there is this:

    On That Dastardly Saddam-al Qaeda Connection
    Jun 29 2010, 10:37 AM ET

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