MessyMarcy, on August 29th, 2008 at 3:07 pm Said:

No speech lessons — this woman is perfect and a pleasant change from professional politicians like Obama who are so in love with themselves.

I just made my first contribution ever to a Republican candidate. I read a comment from someone the other day who said they put Nancy Pelosi in the space at the bottom where it asks who referred you. I put Howard Dean, just to spread the credit around some; my sister says she’s going to put Donna Brazile.


I made a campaign contribution to John McCain earlier, before I read the comment above.

In the field where it asks who referred you, I put “Sarah Palin“.

I want John McCain to understand that I am rewarding his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate.

I still don’t trust John McCain completely…the fact that only days ago he was considering Joe Lieberman as his VP tells me that John McCain made this choice for political gain rather than out of any conversion to conservatism. But I am encouraged that McCain is listening to his boss…”We the People of the United States”. If he continues to listen to us, (rather than the insiders who kept pushing running mates they wanted but who would have led to a McCain defeat rather than a victory), everything is going to be OK.

Landslide victory in November is now ensured. Praise the LORD that we will not be led down The Road to Socialism by Barack Hussein Obama!

Keep McCain listening to us. Secure both borders. No Amnesty. No AGW taxes. Drill Here, Drill Now. Energy Independence. Fair Tax. Conservative Judges/Justices.

God Bless America, Land That I Love!
Stand Beside Her, And Guide Her,
Through The Night With The Light From Above.

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38 Responses to Awesome!

  1. Thomas Paine says:

    You do realize this country has been socialist for decades, right?

  2. Thomas,

    No, I don’t. Please explain your reasons for saying that.

  3. Thomas Paine says:

    SS, Amtrack, Postal Service, Unemployment, Medicaid, Medicare, Federal Regulations on trade, FDA, Waste Removal, Highway systems, water, electricity…. you get the idea?

  4. Thomas,

    Ahh, yes…Socialist Insecurity, et. al.

    Ok, I see your point. Socialist programs abound in our government, but where you and I differ in opinion is that I don’t believe that makes the “country” socialist. The majority of Americans are not socialists or communists. We just happen to have had, over the last century, some elected officials who have implemented socialist policies.

    I believe it started with Teddy Roosevelt, but really started to take hold under William Howard Taft, who signed what became the 16th and 17th amendments to the United States Constitution. Then, with that foundation laid, Woodrow Wilson set up the Federal Reserve System, which allowed forces outside of our government to have tremendous influence over our economy. Just think about how the Chairman of the Federal Reserve can have more influence with a single paragaraph (or even just two words: “irrational exhuberance“) than the President of the United States can have in an entire speech on the economy.

    In 1976, Milton Friedman won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences “for his achievements in the fields of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy”. Friedman showed how speculative practices encouraged by the Federal Reserve led to the Great Depression.

    And of course, the Great Depression led to FDR and some of the most Socialist programs in this country.

    But I still disagree with you that those socialist government agencies mean that this country has been socialist for decades.

    President Ronald Reagan showed that.

    And while I believe John McCain’s track record reveals him to be a Socialist, the conservatives of the Republican Party fought a tough battle against McCain and pressured him into choosing a true conservative as his VP. That is no small victory, and we truly have HOPE for CHANGE in Washington, D.C.

    I pray for corruption to be exposed, in both parties, and for us to “Clean House” (and “Clean Senate”, too!) with the November 2008 elections.

    God Bless America, Land That I Love!
    Stand Beside Her, And Guide Her,
    Through The Night With The Light From Above.

  5. Thomas Paine says:

    You must have been a big Ron Paul supporter, right?

    Though you might think that Marxist philosophy is horrible and whatnot, do you concede that the intentions are not horrible. Trying to have help for needy people, trying to have a safe world, aren’t those goals to be worked towards?

  6. You must have been a big Ron Paul supporter, right?

    Thomas, you really made me laugh with that one…

    Do your homework (search my blog) and you’ll find that this is the only post I made about Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul is an honest and honorable man, and Americans need to listen to what he has to say. Unfortunately, many people didn’t take his message seriously because they didn’t like the messenger. His followers are people who care passionately about our country and our freedoms. In fact, they were so passionate that unfortunately they came across in ways that some other people found annoying (the same could be said about me in support of a different candidate). That led to people ignoring Ron Paul and his supporters, even to the point of mocking them. That’s sad becuase instead of arguing the issues, many people resorted to ad hominem attacks. That’s typical of those who can’t defend their side of a debate.

    I was initially fooled by John McCain’s stalking horse Fred Thompson.

    When Fred quit I started looking at other candidates. McCain was my last choice. When Romney quit on February 7th, I immediately saw his “reason for quitting” for what it was…a dishonest attempt to force Mike Huckabee to quit (because staying in the race would be “letting [his] campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror”).

    I became a Mike Huckabee supporter on February 7th.
    Values Voters preferred Huckabee over McCain 65 to 1.

    In regards to Marxist philosophy, the intentions to help the poor and work for peace are certainly good intentions. It is not the intentions of Marxists which are horrible…it is their methods which are.

    Communist methods fail to improve the life of the poor…all they do is take from the producers until the producers give up and everyone ends up equally poor and equally enslaved.

    Capitalist methods succeed and lead to freedom and prosperity.

    Capitalism >> Communism

    Compassionate Christian Capitalists are working toward the same goals as Marxists (help the poor and work for peace), but Christians do it God’s way, while Marxists are not only godless but actively fight Christians (the “Ultra-Right”).

    Some Democratic Socialists pretend to be Christians, but their actions show you they are not.

    Saving the Planet: Jesus vs. Pelosi

  7. Thomas Paine says:

    Why don’t you take god out of the equation and work with tangible ideas. Then maybe some progress can be made. When you include god in political debates, you already turn off all the people who dont view religion the same way as you do.

    I agree the main problem with Marxism is it does not force the individual to be the best they can be. A new philosophy that takes into account what we have learned from the downfalls of communism and capitalism is what is needed today.

    And yes, Ron Paul was a very bad messenger for his cause. His supporters took his message and didnt know how to attract more people past the ones who liked his ideas immediately. He did have many problems, and even doing more research into him brought up some scary history such as his possible radical past (google ron paul report).

  8. “Why don’t you take god out of the equation”

    That’s exactly the point.

    People like you want to take God out of the equation.

    People like me don’t want to take God out of the equation.
    It is God who makes good things possible:

    But He said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

    Luke 18:27

  9. Thomas Paine says:

    I am saying take god out of the equation for the general message. By including god, you piss off people who dont believe the same way you do. You can believe whatever you choose, but why include that in your form of government?
    Have your religious beliefs manifest themselves in secular policy. Like take care of the poor. Or treat others as you would want to be treated… and whatever other policies you feel are important.
    If there is some positive idea in the bible, liberals, atheists, conservatives and church goers will all agree that it is positive for humanity. The fact that it is said or enforced in the bible wont matter for the ones who dont believe in that bible.

  10. Thomas,
    The freedoms you enjoy are there because the Bible-believing Christians who founded this country took Biblical principles and established them in our Constitution.

    The only people who stand up for the free speech of all are…


    We stand up for everyone’s free speech, while everyone else seems to believe in silencing our voice (or convincing us to silence ourselves).

    Might I recommend A Little History Lesson?

  11. Thomas Paine says:

    not sure what that history lesson has to do with anything…

    but it seems like some revisionist history saying that it was all of the Christians who stand for free speech. It was the enlightened few whose believed that free speech could help all of society live better. And isn’t it the Christians who are the number one proponents of censorship these days? All that sex and violence and videogames and music…

  12. Thomas Paine says:

    oh that whole story is ridiculous. Seems to me they were blocking to keep an ad calling Obama a terrorist from being broadcast. For months ABC has been broadcasting the Ayers Obama connection. Advertising is very different then a talk show or news.
    You should see how strict they are in Europe. They stopped Apple from running an iPhone ad that stated you get all the internet on your phone. The reason… the iphone doesnt support Flash. If those rules were used in America, this ad would be banned immediately.

    But who is banning my violence and sex in my videogames and movies? hmm?

  13. That story wasn’t ridiculous, it was scary how fascist Obama’s thugs are. They weren’t just trying to stop an ad, they were trying to effectively do a “Denial of Service Attack” on a radio program in an attempt to shut it down and censor free speech.

    To the other aspect of your “censorship” argument, it’s absolutely amazing how liberals have turned the first amendment 180 degrees and now try to use it to deny the very rights it was wrtitten to protect. Liberals want pornography protected by the first amendment, but want Christianity silenced in the government arena.

    I had my voice silenced on I know from personal experience how:

    Those who can’t handle the truth
    try to silence those who speak it.

  14. Thomas Paine says:

    I dont get how christians can play the victim card. I just dont get that one. Maybe its that they feel they are being persecuted since they do not have 100% influence throughout the world…
    DNS attacks are what both sides do when their “thugs” get motivated on an issue. It goes both ways.
    Your argument about liberals, porn, and government would make sense if liberals wanted porn in the government. Like if liberals were complaining they couldnt show porn while debating issues. I have never heard a liberal say they dont want Christians to be able to prey in church. Bringing porn or praying into government is a bad idea, but bring the sentiments if you want.

  15. 1) I was persecuted. My voice was silenced. That’s the truth, not “playing the victim card”.

    2) The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Liberals read that as protecting pornography (which it doesn’t say).
    Liberals read that as “Separation of church and state” (which it doesn’t say).

    I take it that you are not even in the United States, so the United States Constitution doesn’t mean much to you. It means a lot to me.

  16. Thomas Paine says:

    and how have you been persecuted?

    and it clearly says no established religion… so why do you want to establish religion…. you dont care about the constitution, apparently.

  17. Thomas,

    I can tell from my WordPress Dashboard that you have not visited most of the posts and links to which I have previously referred you.

    It would appear that you aren’t interested in an honest intellectual debate.

    Both of the questions you ask are answered in the post: Why I Was Banned From HotAir. I’ve given you that link before, but you chose to ignore it.

    I suspect that you are merely a troll, but I have been feeding you anyway because you provide insight into the mind of a Marxist.

    I agree the main problem with Marxism is it does not force the individual to be the best they can be. A new philosophy that takes into account what we have learned from the downfalls of communism and capitalism is what is needed today.

    At least you are honest enough to admit that Marxism does not “force the individual to be the best they can be”. No force is necessary when you provide incentive to be the best that you can be. Capitalism does that. Communism takes away that incentive.

    Yes Communism has downfalls. I’m glad you admit that. The “downfalls” in Capitalism are not “downfalls” of the system, but rather “downfalls” of the individual… those are ethical downfalls, not economic system downfalls.

    We don’t need “A new philosophy that takes into account what we have learned from the downfalls of communism and capitalism”. What we need is “a spiritual awakening and a moral renewal”, just as President Ronald Reagan said on March 8, 1983:

    There’s a great spiritual awakening in America, a renewal of the traditional values that have been the bedrock of America’s goodness and greatness.

    One recent survey by a Washington-based research council concluded that Americans were far more religious than the people of other nations; 95 percent of those surveyed expressed a belief in God and a huge majority believed the Ten Commandments had real meaning in their lives. And another study has found that an overwhelming majority of Americans disapprove of adultery, teenage sex, pornography, abortion, and hard drugs. And this same study showed a deep reverence for the importance of family ties and religious belief.

    I think the items that we’ve discussed here today must be a key part of the nation’s political agenda. For the first time the Congress is openly and seriously debating and dealing with the prayer and abortion issues and that’s enormous progress right there. I repeat: America is in the midst of a spiritual awakening and a moral renewal. And with your biblical keynote, I say today, “Yes, let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream.

    Now, obviously, much of this new political and social consensus I’ve talked about is based on a positive view of American history, one that takes pride in our country’s accomplishments and record. But we must never forget that no government schemes are going to perfect man. We know that living in this world means dealing with what philosophers would call the phenomenology of evil or, as theologians would put it, the doctrine of sin.

    There is sin and evil in the world, and we’re enjoined by Scripture and the Lord Jesus to oppose it with all our might.

    Everyone understands that Ronald Reagan was a great American President.

    Many people don’t understand what made Ronald Reagan great. Even the Communist Party USA acknowledges that Reagan was part of the “Ultra-Right”, and that the Clintons are part of the Communist Party’s attack on the “Ultra-Right”.

    While the ultra-right suffered some setbacks during the Clinton years, it did not receive a major lasting rebuff. The election of Clinton led the ultra-right to step up attacks on Democrats, liberals, and all social programs, and to intensify their efforts in a vast right-wing conspiracy. With the election to the Presidency of George W. Bush in 2000, this ultra-right trend took an even further turn to the right, winning a Republican majority in both houses of Congress for the first time since 1952.

    “vast right-wing conspiracy”…let’s see…where have I heard that phrase before?

    Oh, that’s right, here.

  18. For those who can handle the truth, this battle is a battle between:

    Capitalism and Communism
    The Ultra-Right and the Ultra-Left
    The “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” and the “Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy”
    Good and Evil
    God and Devil

    This is spiritual warfare.

    For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

    Ephesians 6:12

  19. Once “Mainstream” Americans, who are most certainly not Communists, learn the truth that the Democratic Party has been taken over by Democratic Socialist Communists, the Democrats will lose power very quickly and have a very difficult time being elected in all but the most liberal of areas.

  20. Thomas Paine says:

    There are not middle grounds between:
    communism and capitalism?
    Ultra-Right and Ultra-Left?
    Good and Evil?

    If you look at the world that way, you will never have any potential for success.

    Being banned from HotAir does not mean you have been persecuted… I have been banned at times from numerous websites. Facebook, Daily Kos, Obama groups, Ron Paul groups, and surly more that do not immediately come to mind.
    If you considered being banned from HotAir as being persecuted, you have one warped sense of what being persecuted means.

    And it’s far from accepted fact that Ronald Reagen was a good president. FAR from accepted by the general public.

    And no matter how much you want to spread your religious beliefs, a “mass awakening” isn’t going to happen. Unless Jesus shows up on American Idol and tells everyone in the world what their purpose is, huge parts of America just wont believe what you believe, no matter how strongly you believe you are right.

    And finally, I didnt find it necessary to click on all those links, I really dont care your interpretation of Abortion and the founding documents, or about a picture on the capital walls…

    And finally, again, Mainstream America votes for president based on what someone else tells and have minimal understanding of the difference in policies between the two parties. The majority could not say on fundamental difference between Obama and McCain other then the color of their skin, and maybe which party they are, possibly. I would think that the majority would prefer a communistic system over the current one. It would improve their security in day to day living and take the stress out of their lives. Once again, I dont agree with a communistic style of government, but I wouldn’t assume you know what the majority of the population want…

  21. Thomas Paine,

    And yes, I’ve known all along why you call yourself Thomas Paine.

    Paine was admired by his peers when he wrote Common Sense in 1776, but widely chastised by his peers when he fell to French Deist thinking and wrote The Age of Reason in 1793-94.

    You are deeply mistaken in your views.

    Mainstream America votes for president based on what someone else tells and have minimal understanding of the difference in policies between the two parties. The majority could not say on fundamental difference between Obama and McCain other then the color of their skin, and maybe which party they are, possibly.

    This is a battle between good and evil, and nowhere is it more apparent than with the issue of abortion. The differences between Obama’s views (far-left extremist who even supports infanticide) and McCain-Palin’s views (life begins at conception, Sarah chose life for her Down Syndrome baby and her daughter is choosing life for her teenage prenancy). The American public can see the difference clearly. Given the same situation, the Obama Nation would have pressured his daughter to have an abortion.

    I really dont care your interpretation of Abortion and the founding documents

    And I don’t really care about your interpretation. I’m done feeding you, troll. Thanks for proving my points.

  22. Thomas Paine says:

    Abortion might be a big deal to you, but many others disagree and feel that the woman should have the choice. Pretty sure also the nation is split pretty equally on abortion. Many people care more about the people who are living then what will happen to the ones not yet born. You can disagree with that POV, but you cant disagree that people have differing views then you do.
    Think of me as a troll or think of me as someone who have differing views then you do. Whatever works for you.

  23. I called you a troll because you don’t seem interested in a real debate. You don’t read the links I provide, and you say “I really dont care your interpretation of Abortion”.

    When was your unique DNA established?

    At conception.

    There are more people than you’d like to admit that believe that life begins at conception. The mother has a choice of what she does to her own body, but she doesn’t have a “choice” to take the life of another human being. The mother’s body has the mother’s DNA. The child’s body has the child’s DNA.

    The mother has a choice: raise the baby herself or put it up for adoption.

    In that sense, I am pro-choice. But I am not pro-abortion, which stops a beating heart of a developing human being.

    This is a matter of life and death, a matter of good vs. evil:

    The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

    John 10:10

  24. Their feet run to evil,
    And they make haste to shed innocent blood;
    Their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity;
    Wasting and destruction are in their paths.

    Isaiah 59:7

    Abortion and Infanticide are evil.
    There is no more innocent blood than that of a baby.

  25. Thomas Paine says:

    I didnt care to read your views on Abortion cause i really dont care to get into a debate about whether Abortion is good or evil. I don’t care to read pages of your point of view and justification for your view when I dont agree with your view to begin with on the issue… No matter what type of documentation or “proof” of your views on Abortion, it doesn’t really matter to me… I think the woman should have the option, and every opportunity to prevent unwanted pregnancies should be made available.

    This might upset you, but did you realize the original anti-abortion anti-contraception idea started when Christians needed a larger population to have more influence throughout the world and spread the word of Christ. More people, the more the word can be spread… It really didnt have to do with the morals behind it. The justification came second. If it was so horrible to stop a beating heart, why would the same people who are against abortion support the death penalty or war…

  26. Thomas Paine,

    There are two answers to the issue of “unwanted pregnancies”, and both answers start with the letter “A”.

    Your answer says killing an innocent life is the best answer: Abortion

    That is Satan’s answer, too, by the way.

    God’s answer says life is the best answer: Adoption

    The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

    John 10:10

    How about this choice: The choice: Blessing vs. punishment

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