Pelosi and Democrats Feign Green

When I vis ited the House Chamber earlier this month, one of the Representatives told us that Nancy Pelosi has her staff keep the engines and A/C running in two Suburbans while she is in the Capitol, so that when she and her staff come out they don’t have to sweat when they get in the car.

How green.

Then yesterday, Pelosi’s hypocrisy was duly noted when she made a big point of showing up with other House Democrats on a bus (“public transportation”) but then secretly left with her staff in their normal two Suburbans.

How green.  Nancy, what happened to “Saving the Planet“?

Kermit the Frog sang, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”.

For Nancy Pelosi, “It’s Not Easy Feigning Green“.

Is Nancy Pelosi Really This Stupid?

Does she think her hypocrisy won’t be exposed?

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