Rewriting the Constitution and Shoving It Down Our Throats

 “They’re gonna rewrite the Constitution and shove it down our throats!

Yes, the secular progressives think that the Neo-conservatives (like me) want to re-write the Constitution and shove it down their throats. 

They are wrong.  100% backwards.

Neo-conservatives like me want the Constitution honored exactly as it is written.  For example, we want the 1st Amendment honored for exactly what it says, not interpreted with words it doesn’t even say (like “separation of church and state”).

It is the progressives who want to rewrite the Constitution and shove it down our throats!

P.S.  Allahpundit appears to have blocked my trackbacks at HotAir, but thankfully Michelle believes in free speech.

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3 Responses to Rewriting the Constitution and Shoving It Down Our Throats

  1. Mary says:

    Actually, President G.W. Bush forced a re-write of the Constitution down the throats of Congress and the Citizens of the U.S.A. after 9/11, with the threat of Arab terrorists. There’s not much left except to fine-tune a few amendments to suit the Neo-Cons.

  2. Mary,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I believe President George W. Bush is a good man with a good heart. He loves the Lord and has compassion for people.

    Unfortunately, he is too trusting of other people. Some would call him gullible, but being gullible is nothing more than trusting people who shouldn’t be trusted.

    I think President George W. Bush’s greatest accomplishments in office were the successful confirmations of Justices Roberts and Alito.

    I think President George W. Bush’s greatest mistakes in office were trusting some people who were really wolves in sheep’s clothing. Early on, Bush trusted Vladimir Putin. Bush trusted some other people in important positions in our Government who turned out to either be incompetent or secretly working towards a Marxist agenda.

    Some of the Patriot act is helpful in fighting terrorism, but some of it could be used against our own citizens if an untrustworthy person becomes President. The irony in it is that the Marxists who want a Communist revolution in this country actually favor parts of the Patriot act, but they got a Republican Congress and Republican President to pass it, so Democrats can act like they are fighting against it, while most Republicans defend it. It’s quite brilliant, actually, but I for one am not fooled.

    Here is another very recent example.

    Between what happened with Bear Sterns, this housing bill, and banks failing left and right, the people who control the Federal Reserve are priming the pump to lead us into the next Great Depression. (Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman showed that the last Great Depression was a byproduct of actions by the Federal Reserve). Socialists like traumatic times, because that’s when they can get their most Socialist legislation passed.

    Great Depression –> FDR & Socialist Insecurity

    JFK Assassination –> LBJ’s “Great Society”

    9/11 –> Patriot Act

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