Unanimous Support For “All of the Above”

A majority of Americans, including a majority in every single one of the 50 states plus Washington, D. C., show unanimous support for the “All of the Above” approach that Republicans have proposed in the American Energy Act.

So why has House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocked a vote on this bill for months and adjourned the House for a 5 week recess?  Tell us the truth, Nancy.

Call Nancy Pelosi and your Representative and tell them to get back to work and vote on the American Energy Act.

To vote in this AOL Hot Seat poll, or to see the most recent results, click here.

September 12th UPDATE:

If Democrats lose the House, they can look back to Pelosi’s adjournment as their tipping point.  She may have singlehandedly transformed her party, which looked like it couldn’t lose this year, into a minority in the House.

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