McCain and RNC Blitzkrieg

John McCain came in 4th place in the Iowa Caucus on January 3, 2008.  (Hardly becoming of a “presumptive nominee”)

Less than three weeks later, references to John McCain as “presumptive nominee” started appearing in the MSM.

And less than four weeks after McCain’s 4th place finish in Iowa, the Vice Chairman of the Republican National Committee sent the message that resistance was futile…

It is time to unite behind John McCain to be the nominee of our party.

The leaders of our party have a responsibility to do the right thing when the time has come. Friends, the time has now come.

So, in the week before Super Tuesday, the RNC was trying to pressure people to “unite behind John McCain” and repeat the mantra of “presumptive nominee”.

In my opinion, that is trying to manipulate a Presidential election, and has no place anywhere, especially in the RNC.

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