Just Say No! to “George Soros for President”

Nancy Reagan taught me to “Just Say No!”

And I say “No!” to “George Soros for President”!

In a two-party system, what does it mean when George Soros owns both candidates?

It means that George Soros wins either way.

As noted in Michelle Malkin’s Lead Story and elsewhere, John McCain is a beneficiary of George Soros. McCain’s “Reform Institute” receives money from Soros-funded Open Society Institute and Tides Foundation.

So with McCain and Obama, do we really have a “choice”, or merely an opportunity to “echo” the choices of George Soros?  I believe in A Choice, Not An Echo.

Now, before you say “We’re Screwed ‘08!”, realize that it doesn’t have to be that way.


1) Something happens that causes John McCain to not get 1191 votes at the convention. Most everyone thinks McCain has over 1191 to guarantee him the nomination, but what if something happens to cause some of McCain’s delegates to choose not to vote for him? If McCain doesn’t get 1191, a brokered convention results, and conservatives can actually have a say in who gets nominated.

2) McCain does get 1191, but is pressured to pick a conservative VP. Then, due to scandal or something else, McCain is forced to step down and the conservative VP becomes the conservative P.

3) McCain does get 1191 and picks an unacceptable VP like Lieberman. Conservatives revolt and elect a third-party president in November.

I don’t know exactly how it will happen, but I still believe we will inaugurate a true “Reagan Republican” on Bush’s Last Day in January. And it will drive the nutroots insane.

Just Say “No!” to George Soros!

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