Good For You, John McCain

McCain did a great job tonight. For the most part, he gave direct answers to questions that were either yes/no or defined multiple choice (should evil be ignored, appeased, contained, or defeated).

Obama, on the other hand, rarely gave a direct answer, and rambled on intentionally because he knew the longer he spent on each answer, the less questions he would have to answer.

Did you note, though, how McCain wouldn’t condemn China (on the question about religious persecution), and Obama wouldn’t condemn Russia (on the question about Georgia).

I still believe that Obama is Putin’s candidate and that McCain, while not necessarily being Hu Jintao’s candidate, certainly is unduly influenced by his business interests with China.

Interesting comments over at and

P.S.  I should have mentioned previously that in my opinion it appears that Hu Jintao’s candidate is Hillary Clinton.  See Sino-Soviet split in the Democrat[ic Socialist] Party.

Update: Pro-Life Question for John McCain

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2 Responses to Good For You, John McCain

  1. Kirk W. says:

    Hey there Red Pill, good to see you again. God Bless you!

  2. Kirk,
    Thank you, I appreciate that.

    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you,
    Red Pill

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