Flashback: Captain Ed on Mitt Romney

Flashback: Captain Ed on Mitt Romney on December 9, 2006:

Perhaps Romney has that explanation, but at the moment, it seems more likely that he’s sensing the political winds and following those rather than any deeply-held principles on the subject.

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2 Responses to Flashback: Captain Ed on Mitt Romney

  1. isaac says:

    Why not save the attacks for 2012? Is there no end to your hatred? Romney dropped it and endorsed McCain 6 moths ago and you are still swimming in bile.

  2. Isaac,

    Thanks for your comment.

    My posts are not “attacks”, they are speaking the truth to the best of my ability. Why should I be silent and save speaking the truth for 2012?

    I do my best to speak the truth in love. It’s not hatred, but you think it is because you are projecting your own hatred. I see that a lot, and I’ve commented on it extensively in the “Bigoted Anti-Mormon Evangelicals?” posts. I’ve grown a bit tired of many Romney supporters being seemingly unable to use the word “Evangelical” in a sentence without including the word “bigot”. It’s a lot like how the supporters of another candidate think that any and all criticism of their candidate is “racism”.

    I love, not hate, Mitt Romney. As a Presidential candidate, I judge him by his words and actions.

    On February 5th, Romney gave his word, saying:

    One thing that’s clear is this campaign’s going on! I think there’s some people who thought it was all going to be done tonight, but it’s not all done tonight. We’re gonna keep on battling. We’re gonna go all the way to the convention.

    On February 6th, Romney met behind closed doors with unnamed “prominent Republicans who, I believe, offered him the VP spot if he would quit the race and work to make Huckabee quit, too. This type of back-room deal behavior is what leads to us getting an “echo” in November instead of a real and honest choice, and it’s been going on for far too long…longer than most of the readers of this blog have even been alive!

    On February 7th, Romney quit the race saying, “Frankly, in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.” That was a dishonest and downright deceitful explanation for why he was breaking the promise he had made less than 48 hours earlier.

    On February 14th, Romney made things even worse when he “released” his delegates to McCain. The one and only reason for him to do so was to put additional pressure on Mike Huckabee to quit. I consider that tampering with an election, a very serious offense.

    I believe the honorable thing to do would have been for Romney to keep his word and keep fighting all the way to the convention.

    Romney didn’t “drop it” 6 months ago. He is actively and aggressively fighting to hold onto the VP slot that was promised to him 6 months ago. Since I believe in honesty and transparency, I oppose Romney for VP.

    Why is it that you take that belief in living an honorable and honest life, and you project hatred on it? Could it be that you are the one “swimming in bile”?

    Thanks again for your comment.

    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you,
    Red Pill

    P.S. The Holy Spirit is convicting me that this post is not loving. Forgive me. I’ve already specified the terms by which I’ll remove that post.

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