Dear John

Senator McCain,
Do you really want to win in November? Or, is it part of your game plan to actually help Hillary Clinton become the first woman President?

“Several in attendance reported to me that Sen. Lindsey Graham seriously asked if social conservatives would support a vice president who favors abortion on demand. They were shocked the question even had to be asked, and alienated that the McCain campaign appears to be even considering it.”
–Gary Glenn, Mich. American Family Assn. President

So now, we know what McCain thinks of us and our issues. He is only concerned with catering to the independent voters.

We, who supported Mike Huckabee, the millions of voters who earned him a 2nd place in delegate count–are being ignored by McCain.

McCain must know that he will LOSE not only Michigan without us, but the election. At this point, he does not HAVE US. We’ve tried repeatedly to reach out to him, and he has ignored us.

That’s consistent McCain behavior. He’s always viewed us as “Agents of Intolerance”.

Well John, one thing we won’t tolerate is the mass slaughter of innocents.

Egypt shall be a desolation,
And Edom a desolate wilderness,
Because of violence against the people of Judah,
For they have shed innocent blood in their land.

Joel 3:19

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