Clinton and McCain ChiCom Connections?

We’ve seen many indications that the Chinese Communists (ChiComs) are willing to do unethical things in order to gain an advantage.

ChiComs have been caught stealing our military secrets.

Shouldn’t we vet all of our Presidental candidates to ensure that they aren’t being unethically influenced by ChiComs?

Does the name Norman Hsu ring a bell?

And how about this?

An indication of just how deep and subtle Red Chinese roots run in U.S. business and government affairs deals with McCain and Kerry. Both McCain and Kerry fought long and hard to provide the political cover Clinton needed when he made the controversial decision to normalize relations with Vietnam. McCain’s wife, Cindy, is the daughter of James Hensley, who is the second largest Anheuser-Busch distributor in the United States. McCain is an officer in Hensley & Co. and Cindy is a vice president. The McCain family owns several million dollars in Anheuser-Busch stock. As a part of an aggressive campaign to enhance its international standing in the beer market, Anheuser-Busch has had signed contracts and invested hundreds of millions building brewery operations in China and Vietnam.

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