Worst Speaker EVAH!

Any professional historians care to compare Comrade Pelosi to the worst-of-the-worst Speakers of the House?  I believe she just may be the Worst Speaker EVAH!

During this House recess, it appears that there have been far more citizen visitors to the floor of the House of Representatives than the number of books Madame Speaker has sold!

Where do you think her time would be better spent? 

What does it say about Pelousy’s priorities that she chooses her book tour over coming back to Washington and doing her job for “We the People”?

I believe that any representative who hasn’t come back to the House floor doesn’t understand the importance to our economy and our national security to vote on the American Energy Act and work towards becoming 100% Energy Independent as soon as humanly possible. Not voting on this bill right now amounts to gross negligence and dereliction of duty.  

It’s time to replace any Representative who hasn’t felt it worth their time to come back to the House floor.

It’s time to replace the Worst Speaker EVAH!

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