Who’s Behind The Edwards Leak?

I think Hillary Clinton and her supporters have a lot to do with the leak…

You will remember that Hillary made a secret visit (leaving the press behind, but it still was “outed”) to the Edwards home to meet with John and Elizabeth.  Word is that Elizabeth Edwards favored Hillary, while John Edwards favored Barry. 

I would expect that Hillary considers John’s endorsement of Barry as a betrayal of her and other women. 

And how do you think Hillary felt when John Edwards said, “The Clinton campaign has no conscience“?  (Pot, meet kettle.)

John Edwards is most definitely on “The List“.

So, who do you think gathered the intel and tipped off the National Enquirer?

[Hillary smiles]

Someone please ask Rielle Hunter’s sisters if they are Hillary supporters.  

Can John Edwards come back? No. Hillary will ensure the truth comes out about the baby’s father and the money trail.

Update: Playing house with Rielle

Understand that Hillary never “quit” the race…she merely changed her tactics. 

Defiant Clinton Women Refuse To Support Obama
High-Class Hillraisers Still Irate About Barack: ‘She Will Be Nominee’

The Democratic Party has no nominee. Its presumptive nominee was selected, not elected, and Mile High Stadium notwithstanding, delegates go to Denver to select the Democratic candidate who can win in November. We ask the Democratic Party to stop delegate intimidation and replacement, and to hold an open convention with a traditional nominating and roll call process such as was afforded Ted Kennedy in 1980 and even Howard Dean in 2004. If that happens, we are confident that Senator Clinton will be the nominee and the President of the United States.

Right now it is to her advantage to sink “Silky” John Edwards so that:
1) Edwards cannot help Barry Soetoro/”Barack Hussein Obama II”
2) Edwards may even drag Barry down

Edwards’ endorsement of Obama is now, at best, worthless, at worst, costly.

I believe Hillary plans to unveil the truth about Barry Soetoro/”Barack Hussein Obama II” and the photoshopped birth certificate. If so, her goal would be to show that the two men challenging her coronation are dirty rotten no-good two-timing lying-through-their-teeth scoundrels.

I think Hillary has a better than 50% chance of coming out of Denver as the Democrat Party’s nominee. If she does, watch out, because getting the nomination and beating John McCain was (in my opinion) always Hillary’s 2008 Presidental game plan.

The part that’s tricky for her now is that she has to find a way to win the nomination without alienating so many dark-skinned voters that she loses a large portion of a block that normally votes 90% Democrat.

Update: More evidence of the thought process in Hillary’s camp:

While Obama was spending three hours watching “The Dark Knight” five time zones away, and going to a fund-raiser featuring “Aloha attire” and Hawaiian pupus, Hillary was busy planning her convention.

Her former aide Howard Wolfson fanned the divisive flames Monday on ABC News, arguing that Hillary would have beaten Obama in Iowa and become the nominee if John Edwards’ affair had come out last year – an assertion contradicted by a University of Iowa survey showing that far more Edwards supporters had Obama as their second choice.


She’s already snagged plum speaking gigs for herself, her husband and their daughter, so what else does Hillary Clinton want at the Denver convention?

Her own production team for the introductory video.


Civil War in the Democrat[ic Socialist] Party

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