The Future of Communicating With Your Representative

This is an exciting moment for America: this event is the dawn of real time democracy through real time representatives, and no turning back

-Tweet from Congressman Culberson August 02, 2008

From Today:

@phelina You are the first District 7 constit to use #tx7 – congrats! – I am convinced this is the future for all elected officials  
@phelina #tx7 Thank you! I will send out blast emails to my large lists w instructions on Twitter & #tx7 & ask for retweets to tx7 residents  
@technosailor Today I figured out how to zero in on my constituents for conversations if we use #tx7. It works for all districts examp: #ca9

What does this mean?  It’s the beginning of a return of power to the people, away from lobbyists and the “elites”:

In the past, the Representatives had positioned themselves in Washington, D. C. and largely forgot how they got there. In the process, the people didn’t feel they had a personal representative in Congress and therefore just sat back and let them do what they wanted, based on communication with the elite.

That all changed on August 1st, 2008.

When Representative John Culberson started using a Web 2.0 social networking and micro blogging site to communicate from the floor of the House.

Everyday people were directly connected to Congress. Congress was directly connected with everyday people. There was no more elitism.

And this charged and energized the members as they were getting positive feedback directly from their constituents. And the constituents were charged and energized as they were getting direct personal communication from their Representatives.

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