Nancy Pelosi Passes Gas

Speaker Putin Pelosi Passes Gas.  Or, should that be “breaks wind“?  Or, perhaps, Pelosi is “Cutting It“?

For those who don’t know, Republicans were scheduled to speak on the afternoon of August 1st.  They should have been allowed to speak – with the lights on, microphones on, and C-SPAN cameras on.  Instead, as you know, Nancy turned the House of Representatives into a Monty Python skit:

…and she continues to say the equivalent of, “Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!”

Well, Nancy, the time has come for us to taunt you. 
So, how are your book sales going? Sales Rank: #8,415 in Books

Meanwhile, the Barack Obama book is doing great: Sales Rank: #1 in Books

Maybe you need a logo and theme song, like the “Break the Wind Beneath My Wings” song that fluffy wrote for Obama’s new logo:

On a scale from one to ten, you’re a zero
Your bumper stickers show sphincter rings
Invesco Field can’t hold your ego
You break the wind beneath my wings

fluffy on August 16, 2008 at 9:40 AM

Buy American? I agree. I’d like to buy more American oil.
But Pelosi and Obama think we shouldn’t be allowed to.
Meanwhile, Putin rebuilds Russia with oil money.
So, you’d expect members of the Communist Party USA, with their “Road to Socialism USA“, to oppose the American Energy Act and Energy Freedom Day.

I’ll remove this post if Nancy and Barack allow an up or down vote on the American Energy Act.

No tricks, Nancy.

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4 Responses to Nancy Pelosi Passes Gas

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  2. August 20th update:
    One week later, Nancy Pelosi’s book falls even further: Sales Rank: #11,443 in Books

    Rep. Thaddeus McCotter :

    Leaving by example, Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi jetted off on her summer vacation under the assumption energy squeezed Americans would throng to buy her book, Know Your Power.

    But Americans weren’t buying itliterally.

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  4. Nancy Pelosi,
    I fart in your general direction

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