D.C. Values != The Rest of America

Two recent AOL Hot Seat polls seem to reflect something many pundits have noted before:

D.C. values do not equal the values of the rest of America.

In this poll, nearly two-thirds of all respondents, and a majority in all 50 states, answered “No” to the question: “Are extreme measures to go green really the way to get there?”  It was only in Washington D.C. where more people answered “Yes”.

In this poll, the most common answer, in all 50 states, to the question “Obama does not have a big polling lead because:” was “He is too far left of the country“.  But, aparently, Obama is not oo far left of Washington, D.C. …that’s the only part of the country where the answer is not that Obama’s too far left, it’s because everyone else is racist (“the race factor“).

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