Do You Want To Help Unseat A House Democrat?

As a result of population growth reflected in the 2000 Census, NC gained a new Congressional district in 2002. A Democrat NC State Senator, involved in the redistricting, created a “gerrymandered” new district for himself and won the election for that district in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Now, for the first time, I think we have a chance to unseat him. Will you help?

Democrat Brad Miller voted with Pelosi in favor of adjourning the House early (11:23 AM Friday, silencing the voices of Republican Representatives who were scheduled to give speeches from the House floor on Friday afternoon).

He has been unresponsive to calls and emails from his constituents.

I went to the House floor last week. Of course, Brad Miller was not there, but do you know who was? His Republican opponent, Hugh Webster.

To my knowledge, Hugh did not get any press coverage for being there.  He wasn’t there for press coverage.  He was there for the same reasons I was there…to stand up for what is right.

Will you join me in financially supporting Hugh Webster’s campaign and help unseat House Democrat Brad Miller?

Like most Americans, Hugh Webster believes someone must stand to tell the liberals in Washington NO!

NO, the American people will not be denied the freedoms protected by our Constitution.

NO, we will not be subservient to this tax code, which places the brunt of the nation’s financial burden on America’s working families.

NO, the American people will not give up our sovereignty and security by allowing the costly invasion of illegal aliens. 

NO, America will not be handed over to big business, or special interests, or foreign interests.

In Washington, on behalf of North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District, Hugh Webster will stand to represent the people and defend the rights and property of Americans.
Will you stand with him?

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