Putin & Cold War II

Why was Vladimir Putin (and not Dmitry Medvedev) sitting next to President Bush at the Olympic Opening Ceremeonies?  The answer is obvious.  Putin, regardless of his new job title, is still the Russian “Head of State”.

In my opinion it appears that Putin is an evil and dangerous man.  Not only is he still in control of the Russian government, he is overseeing the biggest use of Russian force outside its borders since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. 

East-West tensions remained at some of the highest levels since the end of the Cold War. In a testy exchange at the United Nations in New York, U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said Russia’s foreign minister indicated to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday that one of Russia’s aims was to depose [Georgian President Mikhail] Saakashvili.

You may recall that there was an assassination attempt against both U.S. President George W. Bush and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili on May 10, 2005 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Vladimir Arutyunian threw a live hand grenade toward the podium where Bush was giving a speech at Freedom Square. Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili was seated nearby.

Was Putin behind that?  Very possibly, even probably, given the current use of Russian military force to try to take out Saakashvili.

Not only must we stand up to this Russian aggression, we must understand the bigger picture of how Putin is bringing Russia back to its Cold War ways, and worse.  We must understand that things like this breach are real, and they are not isolated events.

We must understand the importance of oil in all of this…Putin has been rebuilding Russia’s military using money from oil exports.  Russia is the world’s #2 oil exporter, right behind Saudi Arabia.  At the same time that Russia has been getting stronger with oil, it has encouraged the “green” movement in the United States to make us weaker…

The United States could be 100% energy independent if our politicians stopped preventing it.

Since Russia and China don’t believe the Al Gore hysteria about Global Warming (Gore-Bull Warming), why should we?  The fact is that the “green” movement empowers Communist and Socialist nations of the world, while weakening the United States.  That is by design.

Now pay attention to the role oil plays in the current bloodshed in Georgia:

Nestled on the Black Sea between Russia and Turkey, Georgia is a major transit point for oil and gas from the Caspian region. Russian attacks hit near an oil pipeline that carries crude oil to Western markets. The pipeline wasn’t damaged by the bombs, although pumping has been suspended due to a fire unrelated to the hostilities.

U.S. and European friendship toward Georgia is considered critical to efforts to break Russia’s control over export channels for the rich oil and gas resources of the Caspian Sea region.

Russia was seen as unready for open confrontation, given its weak military and an once-struggling economy. Now, however, enriched by hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue from oil and natural-gas exports, the Kremlin is reasserting what it calls Russia’s natural role in world politics, not the weakened one it played through the 1990s.

Other former Soviet states are watching the Georgia crisis with a careful eye. Russian officials have in recent months stepped up their rhetoric about possible claims on Crimea, a historically Russian region that is now Ukrainian territory. Ukrainian officials said they might block Russia’s Black Sea fleet from returning to its leased naval base in Crimea, after Russian ships began a blockade of Georgia’s ports.

This is about the whole of the ex-Soviet Union. Georgia is just the showcase,” said Temuri Yakobashvili, Georgia’s envoy in the separatist conflicts, in an interview. “Next comes Crimea,” he said.

It’s time to take this seriously, folks.  And the USA will be powerless to stop it if we are dependent on nations of the OIC for our oil.


Is Georgia in 2008 like Hungary in 1956?  Yes.  But we were stronger in 1956 than we are now, because we had less Communists (a.k.a “Democratic Socialists”) in our government then than we have now.

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