Why The “Mainstream” Media Is Dying

It’s simple, really.  They haven’t been doing their job.

And since they aren’t doing their job, why should they expect to keep having one?

The MSM did not do their job in vetting:

John Edwards

Barry Soetoro (a.k.a Barack Hussein Obama II)

Hillary Clinton

John McCain

Mitt Romney (what happened in the closed door meeting on February 6th that led to Romney dropping out on February 7th and “releasing” his delegates to John McCain on February 14th?)

George W. Romney (Mitt’s father) in 1968, when he ran for President even though he was ineligible. (He was born in Mexico, was not a “Natural born Citizen”, and hence ineligible to become President)

It has taken bloggers and the National Enquirer to reveal the truth.

If the MSM doesn’t immediately change and start doing their job, they deserve to go bankrupt and can expect to do so.


Michelle Malkin tweaked my thinking on this issue.  I’m not eager to see all MSM die, just MSM that isn’t fair and balanced.  Most conservatives have had enough of the MSM media being used as a weapon against conservatives, and a propaganda machine for Democratic Socialists.  I think we can expect to see the “Rush Limbaugh Effect” spread from radio to other mediums: newspapers, periodicals, broadcast and subscription TV, web.  Conservatives outnumber liberals in this country, and media outlets that cater to liberals can expect to be outdone by media outlets that cater to conservatives.  I say it that way intentionally, because liberals say that even being “fair and balanced” is “catering to conservatives”.


Finally, the media’s job is being done … by Stanley. He should be saluted, not smeared.

The media’s job is being done by Stanley and Michelle Malkin. They both should be saluted, not smeared.

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2 Responses to Why The “Mainstream” Media Is Dying

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  2. Rose says:

    Thank You. I hope alot of people are reading this.

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