Direct from A Member of Congress

I received a phone call today from a Representative whom I met this past week at the Capitol Building. The reason for their call:

1) They wanted to thank me for coming to the House of Representatives. I told them that I was honored and humbled to have them call me directly, and that for every 1 person like me who came, there are probably 10,000 who want to come but can’t afford to.

2) They want to “get the word out” that the environmentalists are in control of many of the elected representatives. (That’s not a surprise to most of us, but the general public needs to understand that truth…the Democrats claim that Republicans are “owned” by “Big Oil”, but the truth is that the Democrats are “owned” by “Big Green”!)

3) While the environmental lobbyists won’t give an inch, other lobbyists are willing to let the Democrats act like they are moving toward the center between now and the November elections, with the understanding that the Democrats want to pick up more seats and will return to the far left agenda immediately after the elections…when they will “undo” anything “centrist” they do between now and then. Do not be fooled by any “centrist” actions. [See footnote]

4) The recent focus has been on the House of Representatives, but we need to pay attention to the Senate. Any energy bill will be a Democrat bill, not a Republican bill, because the Democrats currently control both houses. The bill will start in the Senate first, then come to the House, where it will pass easily. So the real fight will be in the Senate.

The Democrats need a supermajority of three-fifths of the Senate (60 Senators, if all 100 seats are filled) to bring debate to a close by invoking cloture. Assuming that the 2 Independent Senators vote with the 49 Democrats, the Democrats need an additional 9 Republican Senators to go along with them. That is what the “Gang of Ten” is all about. Beware the “Gang of Ten”. They do not have your best interests at heart. Contact your Senators and let them know that you want them to fight for American Energy Independence. Since alternative fuels cannot immediately make us independent, we need to Drill Here, Drill Now!


1) The Representative didn’t talk about John McCain, but I think #3 above applies to the “Maverick”, too…don’t be fooled by McCain acting “centrist” now…he’s for many of the things Liberal Democrats are for…Amnesty, Global Warming Taxes, No Drilling in ANWR, etc.

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