What It Was Like On The House Floor

…the speaking on the House floor begin as a regular session might begin in the House, with the pledge and a prayer said. Today was the best attended day yet, much of the seats on the floor and in the gallery were packed from the start with some of the loudest applause yet. It truly is a site to witness — if you can make it down or know someone who lives nearby, encourage them to come on down. The momentum is only yet building and we are not done. We want the most American thing possible: a simple vote.

I can vouch for that. I was there. The 10 AM press conference blocked the hallway from Statuatory Hall to the House Chamber, and the Capitol Police were not letting people into that hallway, so multiple tour groups were “bottlenecked” in Statuatory Hall (which had been the location of the House of Representatives before the new House Chamber was built).  Once the press conference was over, everyone was able to file into the House Chamber, and it really did fill a lot of the seats.

It was great to be there.

The prayer (as there has been at the beginning of every single day that congress has been in session, ever since the Constitutional Convention when Benjamin Franklin said this on June 28, 1787). For those who still believe in the unconstitutional concept of “separation of church and state”, I recommend they read this.

The pledge of allegiance to our flag and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God.

The standing ovations for Republican patriots who are fighting for our country’s independence, while Democratic Socialists act like facist tyrants who favor our country being brought it to its knees by dependence on hostile foreign countries for our energy needs.

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