“Democratic Socialists” Trying to Crash the Economy

What a Democratic Socialist was saying a few weeks ago…

Go Head Crash It
July 1, 2008

Last week it was predicted by the so-called experts who have their finger on the pulse of the oil industry, that we could see seven dollar a gallon gas in two years, but this is all speculation of course. The same speculation that drove oil over 140.00 a barrel Friday for a record $142.00 barrel at one point. If the past surges are any indication, we will see 7.00 dollars a gallon at the pump sooner than two years.

With oil going up and the dollar headed in the exact opposite direction, it feels as if they are trying to crash the economy.

But guess what? President Bush lifted the Executive branch OCS drilling ban, and oil came down about $20/barrel, the dollar strengthened, and the stock market improved.

It’s not the Republicans who are trying to crash the economy…it’s the Deomocratic Socialists who are!

That is why Speaker Pelosi must reconvene Congress and vote on the American Energy Act.

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4 Responses to “Democratic Socialists” Trying to Crash the Economy

  1. For one stop using the Republican ploy of misrepresenting a story. I am not a Democrat or a socialist. The reason you are seeing oil drop, is the market correcting itself. Sorry to bust your bubble.


  2. ABA,
    Thanks for your comment. Please do set the record straight on what you consider yourself.

    The reason we are seeing oil drop is that the speculators realize there is the very real possibility that supply will increase. President Bush did his part and lifted the Executive branch ban on OCS drilling. The market responded and the price of oil fell about $20/barrell.

    Now it is the Legislative branch’s turn. The tyrant Pelosi tried to silence the speech of Republicans who were scheduled to speak last Friday. She adjourned early (11:23 AM), turned off the TV cameras, turned off the microphones, turned off the lights, and did everything in her power to silence the voice of the people’s representatives.

    The ongoing protest by the Republicans, and the groundswell of support they are receiving, is convincing many speculators that there is no way that the Congressional ban on OCS drilling will be re-instated when it expires in September. That will result in increased supply, and the speculators know it.

    So, even without a single drop of new oil flowing, the President and the Republicans in the House of Representatives are helping bring the price of oil down day after day after day.

    Meanwhile, the Democratic Socialist Party, the party that deceitfully claims to be for “the little guy”, continues to stonewall and do everything they can to encourage the price of gas to climb to $7.00/gallon.

    You didn’t burst my bubble. The only bubble that’s bursting is the price of oil, because Republicans will succeed in getting the American Energy Act passed.


    Red Pill

  3. I do see the Democrats for what they are, as I see Republicans. I feel as you do about Pelosi. She and many of those in the legislator are not working for the people, but for themselves, and those who will toss the most cash at them.

    What the Democrats and the Republicans are doing, is playing politics with our situation. They need to do is, look into pushing alternative energy, and balance it with drilling. We would be foolish thinking that this country and the world could just jump off the oil without forcing people into poverty.

    So as you see, you and I are not that far off on this issue. However, I do lean a bit more to the left (maybe) than you do. At the moment my attention is on the Georgia/Russia conflict. However, I do like your site and will check back. No matter what differences we have, it places like this we can try and work things out and maybe, just maybe, someone will listen to the end result.

  4. ABA,

    Thank you for following up. I really appreciate it.

    I, too, am greatly concerned about Georgia. I haven’t written a post about it, but Putin has brought Russia back to its Cold War tactics. And he has been using Oil money to rebuild their military.

    One report said that the Russians tried to bomb an oil pipeline. If they had succeeded, what would that have done to the price of oil?

    Our country needs to become Energy Independent, and fast! We have more than enough resources; we just need a Congress that doesn’t tie our hands behind our back and prevent us from accessing those resources.

    Given the state of our world, I have to question the patriotism of any public official who isn’t doing “all of the above” to get us to Energy Independence as quickly as possible.

    Red Pill

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