China and “The Marking of a New World”

what we will see is not so much the opening of another Olympics but the marking of a new worldone in which China, like that other superpower, America, will just have to be taken on its own terms, whatever the misgivings of foreigners.

China is #1 in population.
China wants to be #1 in everything.

China is trying to control our government, through “owned” politicians. Follow the money. Does the name Norman Hsu ring a bell?

The Cold War never ended. Putin is using oil money to rebuild the Russian military, and he is reinstating Cold War policies like bomber flights to sensitive areas. China is building their military with all the money we send to them every time we buy a “Made in China” product. But China is also trying to tap into oil profits by drilling for oil. Where? Off the coast of Key West, Florida.

Why are we allowing China to drill there, but our Congress wants to prevent US companies from drilling there? Does Nancy Pelosi think that the Chinese are going to be more environmentally sensitive than US companies? Nancy, whose side are you really on? In my opinion it appears that you are on the Communists’ side.

Prove me wrong, Nancy. Call the House back into session and vote on the American Energy Act.

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