Are Democrats Guilty of Treason?

“Oil shale has the potential to help us achieve American energy independence much sooner than anyone realizes.  And yet the Democrat-controlled Congress is content to keep it locked away and watch as gas prices reach record highs,” Congressman McHenry stated.

Last December, Congressional Democrats attached a rider to a U.S. Department of Interior appropriations bill that prohibited the Department from leasing federal lands for the production of oil shale.

“The energy crisis is crippling the American economy and driving up gas prices for Western North Carolina families.  With oil shale, we can power the American economy with American energy and create good-paying American jobs,” Congressman McHenry stated.

With our dependence on foreign oil having grown to 66.19% in 2007, the United States will now be sending nearly $1 trillion overseas each year to bolster the economies of hostile foreign regimes.

I not only question the Democrats’ patriotism, I ask: Are the Democrats guilty of Treason?

What do you call it when someone votes to keep us in bondage to hostile foreign regimes, rather than voting for American Independence? I call it treason.

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