You Say You Want A Revolution?

John Lennon was talking about Communist revolution in his song.

And Barack Obama is trying to incite “Democratic Socialist”/Communist Revolution.

Think I’m wrong? Take a look at what one Democratic [Socialist] blogger said back on April 18, 2008:

Everyone I talk to feels there is a need for an uprising buy [sic] the citizenry of this country to take it back and turn it into a democracy.

You say you want a revolution?

Here’s the Revolution I’m talking about.

The Second American Revolution
The War for American Energy Independence

If you were a Communist in Russia or China, and wanted to bring the American “Empire to it’s knees”, how would go about doing it?

Wouldn’t you try to buy/blackmail/bribe elected officials and have them prevent American access to American natural resources, so that America is kept dependent on foreign sources of oil?

Wouldn’t you demand to “Free our oil” from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, so that the reserve is depleted and America is made even more vulnerable to an interruption of that foreign oil?

Wouldn’t you try to gain increasing control over financial markets so that you can manipulate them at will?

Wouldn’t you try to turn American citizens against American energy by demonizing American energy companies as “Big Oil” and slandering them in propaganda?

Wouldn’t you try to get America to turn food into fuels, so that America has less food and becomes dependent on foreign countries for not just fuel but food?

Don’t you realize that all of the above are Nancy Pelosi’s “Energy Policy”?

So, whose side is Nancy Pelosi really on?

If Nancy Pelosi does not allow a vote on an American Energy Independence Act, when that act has significant bipartisan support, in my opinion it appears that she is a domestic enemy who, like Barack Obama, dreams of bringing “an Empire to it’s knees”.

But something happened on the way to the Revolution.  The Republicans are rising up in defense of our Republic, protecting it from the Democratic Socialists who openly admit they want to turn it into a democracy.

The Second American Revolution is not a Socialist or Communist Revolution. 

It is a Revolution for American Energy Independence.

It is a Revolution to keep us free.

It is a Revolution to defend our Constitutional Republic.

And the Republicans are winning. 

Thank you, Jesus.

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