Nancy Pelosi and the Handmaidens of “Big Green”

Nancy Pelosi claimed that the current revolution for American Energy Independence (the 2nd American Revolution) is nothing more than:

a war dance of the handmaidens of the oil companies.

Nancy, you sorely underestimate the Power of the People. You really should “Know the Power of Your Boss”. The same people who enabled your rise to power can and will take your power away from you.

I call your performance on Sunday a “clumsy dance of the handmaiden of ‘Big Green'”:

I want to know how much the eco-Marxists are donating and to whom. Need to counter the Dems pointing out how much oil interests give to the GOP.

Sierra Club
Friends of the Earth
World Wildlife Fund
Earth First
et al

DerKrieger on August 6, 2008 at 4:12 PM

Do you know the answer to the exit question:
What Does the Anthropogenic Global Warming Movement Have in Common with Jihad?

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