PUMA is Ready to Pounce

The Big Dawg [Hillary] knows. They, like the rest of us hacks, likely unearthed a lot of “lies” and falsehoods perpetuated by the BO team when doing their opposition research.

However, they likely did not have the “Smoking Gun” that TD and Techdude unearthed and are now gearing up their rank and file for the DNC convention. There has been a lot of activity in Hillary’s camp these last couple of weeks.

They know, we know and soon the rest of the American public will know.

I believe that Barry Soetoro (the name by which the “presumptive” Democrat nominee was registered as a Muslim at his Indonesian school) was not born in the United States and is not a Natural Born Citizen of the United States. Some people believe his mother was in Canada when he was born. Others believe his mother was in Kenya when he was born. What we know for sure is that the “Certificate of Live Birth” on his “Fight the Smears” web site (and KOS) is a fraud.

Hillary is preparing to have this exposed and Obama declared Constitutionally ineligible to run for President of the United States. But, she knows that she cannot win in November without the support of dark-skinned Americans. So, she has to appear like she wants Obama to win and had nothing to do with his being exposed as a fraud. That is why she did this. Hillary has to make it look like she doesn’t want the nomination and that it’s not her fault when Obama is ruled ineligible.

Now, assuming that Hillary comes out as the Democrat nominee, how should McCain respond? By picking as his VP the only politician who has gone up against the Clinton machine and won…four out of four times…Mike Huckabee.

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