Chicago – The Future Capital?

Before you dismiss this out-of-hand, please follow the links below and consider all the evidence.

On June 12th I posted “Chicago…Obama’s Kind Of Town“. Please follow and read that post, and only after reading that, return and continue reading here…


I suspect that those who want to do away with U.S. national sovereignty want to destroy Washington, D.C. …literally, not just figuratively. If they were do to so, it would destroy the seat of all three branches of our government, numerous significant monuments, and our national archives.

Where would the new capital be? All clues point to Chicago. 

Today, I came across this, and found it very odd/interesting that of all of the cities in the United States, Chicago would be the one mentioned in this brochure about the Lazaro Cardenas-Kansas City
Transportation Corridor

As the American economy expands and the economies of the Far East ramp up production to meet our demand for goods, the pace of international trade will exceed the ability of major West Coast ports such as Long Beach and Los Angeles to accommodate the flow of goods into the United States.

Additionally, congestion in these highly populated areas will prevent expansion of intermodal transportation facilities, straining the already overburdened rails and roads linking California to Chicago and the rest of the nation.

“…Chicago and the rest of the nation.” Very interesting, especially when this brochure is about the Kansas City, Missouri “Smart Port”.

What makes Chicago worthy of this special attention and focus?

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2 Responses to Chicago – The Future Capital?

  1. donn gilbert says:

    The thread you weave on the Malkin site as of 8/28 is important. I don’t know how many see it. But still, in the long run ( maybe short run ) it will need to be dealt with. As a Nam vet I wonder if there is balls and backbone in enough Americans to do what is necessary when it is necessary. This would have been easier to deal with when I was a bit younger — but you play the hand you are dealt. I’ll start getting in better shape — HA!

  2. Donn,

    Thank you for your comment.

    As a Vietnam Veteran, how do you feel about the way that John McCain and John Kerry (of all people) handled the committee they ran on POW-MIAs?

    A very good friend of mine is a Marine who served in Nam and has been active in the POW-MIA effort ever since. He has some pretty choice words for John McCain. I’d like to get your input.

    Red Pill

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