How many people who claim to have “never been a Muslim” can recite the Arabic call to prayer with a first-rate accent?

How many Christian pastors are good friends with Nation of Islam leader leader Louis Farrakhan

How many Christians pastors participated in Farrakhan’s Million Man March and co-authored a book about it?

How many Christian pastors quote Malcom X’s speech “God’s Judgement of White America (The Chickens Come Home to Roost)“?

How many Christian pastors say “God d*mn America”?

Maybe Trinity United Church of Christ is really more affiliated with the Nation of Islam than it is with Jesus Christ. They certainly have no issue with members of their church naming their children after a comprehensive treatise on the contents of Islam, as Trinity member Kwame Raoul did when he named his child Mizan. Oh, and Kwame Raoul named his other child after the Marxist revolutionary Che. Who is Kwame Raoul? Barack Obama’s hand-picked successor as Illinois Senate Senator.

In my opinion, it appears that this is all Taqiyya.

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