McCain a Choice? More Like an Echo

A Dobson endorsement would give the clearest signal of the season to evangelicals that despite their initial resistance to McCain, the election comes down to a choice — and that Obama is bad enough to push longtime McCain critic Dobson into an endorsement.

Sure, it seems like a choice (between McCain and Obama), but was McCain really the Republican Primary choice of grassroots Republicans?

Or, was McCain the choice of Democrats, Independents, and “prominent Republicans” in back room deals, so that now we merely have an opportunity to “echo” their choice? 

Grassroots Republicans want A Choice, Not An Echo.

On September 17, 2007, Mike Huckabee won the straw poll of America’s largest voting block, receiving 63% of the votes in a field of 11 candidates. John McCain received 1%. That’s right…one percent. McCain was in a three-way tie for 8th place.  Our choice was Mike Huckabee.

On January 3rd, 2008, in Iowa, Mike Huckabee came in 1st and John McCain came in 4th.

I repeat, Mike Huckabee was the Republican Primary leader on January 3rd, 2008.

A mere 16 days later, on January 19th, the MSM and bloggers like Jonathan Martin and AllahPundit started calling John McCain the “presumptive nominee”. That is what I call bias.

What happened on January 19th? The South Carolina primary. The same primary that helped propel George W. Bush over John McCain in 2000.

This time around, John McCain used his stalking horse (Fred Thompson) and the votes of non-Republicans to prevent Mike Huckabee from winning South Carolina. Others first speculated, then acknowleged, that Fred Thompson was McCain’s stalking horse. Fred entered the race late and left early. His mission was to ensure that McCain won South Carolina, instead of having a repeat of the 2000 South Carolina primary loss (which angered McCain so much that he gave his “Agents of Intolerance” speech shortly thereafter). John McCain views Evangelical Christians as enemies, and he enlisted his good friend Fred Thompson to lure evangelical voters away from Mike Huckabee. Fred accomplished his mission and quit the race three days later. Had McCain not had a stalking horse in the race, Mike Huckabee would have won South Carolina by a wide margin.  Even with Thompson in the race, Huckabee still defeated McCain among the 80% of SC Primary voters who identified themselves as Republicans:

Huckabee McCain Paul Romney Thompson
Republican (80%)

It was only with the support of the 20% non-Republicans (Independents and Democrats) that McCain eked out a victory, and Huckabee had to battle the MSM/Allahpundit mantra (“McCain is the presumptive nominee and it’s impossible for Huckabee to win”) from that point forward.

On January 29th, John McCain won FL the same way he won SC – with non-Republicans and a stalking horse to draw voters away from a strong competitor:
1) Democrats voted in large numbers in the Republican primary because they were told that the Democrat delegates would not be seated at the Democrat convention.
2) McCain’s other stalking horse, Rudy Giuliani, lured votes away from Mitt Romney.

On February 5th, John McCain had his WV supporters throw their support behind Mike Huckabee in order to ensure that Romney didn’t win. McCain’s strategy was to convince Romney that Romney couldn’t win the nomination, and then offer Romney the VP slot in return for quitting and trying to make Huckabee quit.

On February 6th, a back room deal between “prominent Republicans” and Romney was sealed.

On February 7th, Mitt Romney broke the promise he had made less than 48 hours earlier, (to keep battling all the way to the convention), quit the race and tried to imply that if Huckabee didn’t quit too he would be letting his campaign “be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.”

On February 9th, Huckabee was leading in the Washington Caucus as the results came in. Then, unexpectedly, the caucus was called for McCain with 87% of the Precincts Reporting and McCain reportedly leading Huckabee by a mere 242 votes! There has been corruption in Washington State politics before, and it appears that this was yet another instance.

On February 14th, Mitt Romney again tried to make Huckabee quit, by “releasing” his delegates to McCain.

On February 28th, a Republican Presidential debate was supposed to be held by CNN. CNN cancelled the debate so that John McCain would not have to face Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. Remember who wanted to debate and who didn’t. Mike Huckabee sent a written letter to John McCain challenging him to a debate before the March 4th primaries. The Values Voter coalition came through in the clutch, arranging for a debate hall and inviting both McCain and Huckabee, as well as Rep Ron Paul to participate in a March 3rd debate event. For the second time in this election, John McCain refused to appear for a Values Voter debate

John McCain won the March 4th primaries and Mike Huckabee quit the race, believing that McCain had secured the 1191 pledged delegates necessary to clinch the nomination.

It appears, though, that McCain may not have clinched 1191 until a week later, when he won the Mississippi primary on March 11th. McCain’s campaign did not display the “1191” sign on the night of March 4th…they waited until McCain won Mississippi’s 36 delegates and then displayed the “1191” sign. If McCain was not over 1191 until March 11th, then Huckabee made a mistake by ending his campaign March 4th. Things could have been very interesting if Huckabee had stayed in…

Since Huckabee won every state that borders Mississippi, I think he would have won Mississippi if he had stayed in the race. Add to that McCain was running out of public financing money, which would have given the advantage to Huckabee. Mike Huckabee could have had a very real shot at sweeping the remaining primaries and forcing a brokered convention, from which we would have had a real choice.

Instead, the events above gave us John McCain as the “choice” of Democrats, the MSM, and “prominent” (vs. “grassroots”) Republicans, and now we get to merely “echo” that choice.

We want A Choice, Not An Echo.


Fred Thompson was my initial preference in this election cycle. If my state’s primary had been in mid January, I honestly would have voted for Fred Thompson. After Fred quit the race on January 22nd, (three days after accomplishing his mission in South Carolina), I had to reevaluate my preference. I was still affected by MSM and blog distortions of Huckabee’s record, and I actually considered voting for Mitt Romney. When Romney broke the promise he had made less than 48 hours earlier, and quit the race, it was obvious to me that he was trying to make Mike Huckabee quit, too (implying that if Huckabee continued he would be letting his “campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror”).

When Romney’s CPAC speech was unsuccessful in getting Huckabee to quit, Romney tried again when he “released” his delegates to McCain on February 14th (Romney hearts McCain on Valentines’ Day). As an evangelical born-again Christian, it is not Romney’s Mormonism that loses my vote, it’s his “ends justifies the means” deceitful character in his ambitious pursuit of the Presidency. He is no more honest in his pursuit of the Presidency than his own father was when he ran for President in 1968…even though he was Constitutionally ineligible to be President! George Wilcken Romney was born in Mexico and was a not a natural born Citizen of the United States. No person except a natural born Citizen shall be eligible to the Office of President.

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11 Responses to McCain a Choice? More Like an Echo

  1. isaac says:

    Are you bitter? The primary is over and best contain your emotions till 2012. Then Huckabee and fulfill is pledge to make the constitution more like the Bible.

  2. I supported Huckabee from Jan. 07 until he withdrew. I intently read all of the criticisms and the real record. I never voted for the big-spending George W. Bush. When he was elected, I said, “Leviathan gets a night manager,” and his administration saw the largest rate of government growth since the Johnson adminstration of the 80’s.

    But, I am supporting John McCain because though he is hardly a lucid conservative, he is one of the strongest Senators relative to controlling spending, he will defend America and her interests, and he will nominate reasonable judges. He has never voted to raise taxes and he’s pro-life…AND MIKE HUCKABEE IS SUPPORTING HIM!

  3. isaac,

    Thank you for your comment.

    No, I’m not bitter. I’m peaceful in the knowledge that Mike Huckabee is the next President of the United States.

    You should learn a little history that hasn’t been filtered by the ACLU and godless Socialists…if you do, you’ll learn the truth that our Constitution was founded on the Bible.

    God loves you. And so do I.

    Red Pill

  4. Larry,

    Thank you for your comment.

    You make some very good points, and I fully understand that Mike Huckabee is supporting John McCain. I think it’s likely that McCain will reneg on his February 6th promise to Romney, and instead give the VP slot to Huckabee. This would, of course, infuriate Romney and Mormons, because Romney quit the race, “released” his delegates, and forgave $40 million of campaign debt all with the expectation of receiving the VP slot.

    More people visited Huckabee’s web site during the campaign than visited the web sites of all other Republican candidates combined. Romney spent a lot of money (over 10 times more money per vote than Huckabee spent), but ended up with less votes and less delegates. If McCain picks Romney, it tanks the Republican ticket. If McCain picks Huckabee, he picks up the support of Huck’s Army.

    Again, I think it’s likely McCain will pick Huckabee, and you can expect that all of those Mormon bloggers who said Evangelicals are “bigots” for not supporting Romney to now enthusiastically support McCain/Huckabee. Right? Or, will they reveal who the true bigots are?

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  10. if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified;

    Neither Barack Hussein Obama II nor John Sidney McCain III qualify to be President because neither of them are Natural Born Citizens of the United States.

    Obama is not a NBC because both his father and he were British subjects at the time of his birth.

    McCain is not a NBC because he was born in Colon Hospital in the city of Colon, Panama.

    So, according to the 20th Amendment, the Vice President elect (Biden) shall act as President until a President shall have qualified. Since many state laws require the state’s electoral college electors to vote for a specific person (the winner of that state’s popular vote), it becomes clear that the only way to have electoral college electors who can vote for an eligible candidate is to have a new election in those states, to choose new electoral college electors who can vote for an eligible candidate.

    Previously, when a member of Congress was found to be ineligible, that member was deemed as to have never actually held that office.

    So, Obama would be deemed to have never legitimately held the office of President.

    So, “the next President of the United States” could still be Mike Huckabee.

    Just sayin’…

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