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My Pick for Hot Air Comment of the Day

Ah yes, arrogant, narcissistic, Marxist Obama, taxing up the wazoo everybody who works and earns money so that he can redistribute the wealth and make things more “fair” for the people who don’t work and earn money, not to mention … Continue reading

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“What About the CO2 in Your Drink?”

If CO2 emissions are such an urgent problem for our planet, and Global Warming is an imminent crisis, then: What about the CO2 in your drink? Every time you open a can of soda, you are releasing Carbon Dioxide into … Continue reading

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McCain a Choice? More Like an Echo

A Dobson endorsement would give the clearest signal of the season to evangelicals that despite their initial resistance to McCain, the election comes down to a choice — and that Obama is bad enough to push longtime McCain critic Dobson … Continue reading

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Where is Your Courage, Barack Obama?

How exactly will Obama deal with America’s enemies when he can’t even share a stage for more than a moment with his political opponent? And do you suppose that the Fort Hood Presidential Town Hall Consortium wonders how a spot … Continue reading

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References to God in Federal and State Constitutions

In an earlier post I showed the reference to our Lord Jesus Christ in our Federal Constitution.  Now, with hat tip to dominigan, I present to you references to God in all 50 State Constitutions. The United States of America was … Continue reading

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Values Voters Prefer Huckabee

Values Voters (America’s largest voting block) prefer Mike Huckabee. “The big losers [of the Values Voter Presidential Debate] were the no-show candidates Fred Thompson who placed at 4 percent, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain who each received 1 percent and … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney as VP Tanks The Republican Ticket

“Mitt tanks the ticket,” says a McCain insider. “We lose fiscal conservatives. We lose social conservatives. We lose Catholics. We lose evangelicals. All the groups we’re spending time and money on bringing into the camp would be lost. He just … Continue reading

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