We Demand Transparency

In the final analysis, a presidential candidate should not be mysterious. Barack Obama has consistently been secretive about all aspects of his life. We are a society that demands transparency from public officials, especially at high levels. It’s unacceptable for a serious presidential contender to resist requests for information about his family, college records, state senate business, birth circumstances, drug use, and any other component of his life that is relevant to the public’s determination of his fitness to be POTUS.

When you apply to be President of the United States, you forfeit much of your right to privacy. This is especially true for a candidate like Obama, whose unique history introduces complex considerations such as dual citizenship. Obama has the duty to be as transparent as possible, to satisfy the public’s interest that he meets every eligibility test, that he has been fully vetted for the highest office in the country. There is no room for circumvention when you want to be President.

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3 Responses to We Demand Transparency

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  2. “Transparent” White House cracking down hard on leakers

    …it runs counter to Obama’s pledges of openness by making it a crime to shine a light on the inner workings of government…

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