Allahpundit, You’re a Funny Man

Allahpundit knows about my alma mater.

Allahpundit has been playing “Back atcha” (his caption for this Quote of the Day) which was his response to My Pick For HotAir Quote of the Day).

Now Allahpundit provides another installment of the cat-and-mouse game…He chose an associate professor of the Old Testament at my alma mater as yesterday’s Quote of the day.

The only problem is, he chose to quote someone who has accepted the “green” lies. Ask that associate professor to confess with his mouth that “Jesus is Lord“. If he won’t, then he has no right to be teaching at the Divinity School of a University that was established with the following aims:

The aims of Duke University are to assert a faith in the eternal union of knowledge and religion set forth in the teachings and character of Jesus Christ, the Son of God; to advance learning in all lines of truth; to defend scholarship against all false notions and ideals; to develop a Christian love of freedom and truth; to promote a sincere spirit of tolerance; to discourage all partisan and sectarian strife; and to render the largest permanent service to the individual, the state, the nation, and the church. Unto these ends shall the affairs of this University always be administered.

I’m well aware of what the Godless Socialists have done to some of the great universities in this country.  I provide two case studies, but there are several more.

1) Harvard
The motto is today presented as “Veritas” or “Truth”.
But what is the truth?
The truth is the motto is Christo et Ecclesiae (“For Christ and the church“) which appears in impressions of the university’s seal. Since Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, someone has added “but this legend is otherwise not used today, while ‘veritas’ has widespread currency as a de facto university motto”. But what I say isn’t “legend”, it’s truth. It’s very difficult to get copies of university seals (because the trustees don’t want the truth to be known), but I found a barely legible copy of Harvard’s seal in this document. While the word “Ecclesiae” is hard to make out, you can see the words “Christo et” fairly well, especially if you zoom in.

2) Duke University
Wikipedia claims (wrongly) that “Eruditio et Religio” means “Knowledge and Faith”.
The truth is what the founders said:

The aims of Duke University are to assert a faith in the eternal union of knowledge and religion set forth in the teachings and character of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

The truth is that “Eruditio et Religio” means “Knowledge and Religion”, and that religion is Christianity (the following of the teachings and character of Jesus Christ, the Son of God). The “shield” that you see presented today as representing the University is not what the founders chose to represent the university. The truth is being concealed. The “shield” was created in 1964 as part of a cover-up to hide the very Christian imagery in the “seal” of the University.

If you look on Duke’s web site, you won’t find any images with the “seal”. They’re forbidden by the trustees:

President Douglas M. Knight initiated a study of university symbols in 1964 which implemented far reaching changes. A committee consisting of representatives from the medical center and the art department composed an official shield designed for use on a variety of commercial products where the seal was thought to be inappropriate. … With the approval of the new shield, the seal was reserved for use only by authorization of the board of trustees.

I Thank God (literally) that there are still some places around Duke’s campus where the seal is literally carved in stone.

I Thank God (literally) that my diploma has the university seal.

Other commenters at HotAir have been addressing what the Bible says about “man’s relationship to the eco-system”, so I won’t spend much effort on that here other than to say this:

The associate professor that Allahpundit quotes seems to be reading Nancy Pelosi’s Bible. (The book of First Nancy: Second Opinion)

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3 Responses to Allahpundit, You’re a Funny Man

  1. I just looked up Douglas Knight (the man responsible for creating the “shield” and concealing the “seal”), and what I find in Wikipedia doesn’t surprise me at all…in fact it makes total sense…

    Knight was an outspoken advocate on gay rights and a member of GLAAD and the ACLU.

    The man was a member of two different organizations that hate Jesus Christ, hate His teachings, and hate His followers. It’s not surprising that Knight tried to supress the truth about the seal and aims of Duke University.

    What is surprising is that no one stopped him.

    All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

  2. More…

    William Anlyan, a surgeon who came to Duke in 1949 and is credited with making the medical center a major national institution, recalls meeting Knight in late 1962. “Doug was a humanist …” says Anlyan.

  3. Allahpundit, you are a funny man indeed. I like the picture you put up for a recent post…

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